Wii Network Service Partial Discontinuation

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That is a link to the Nintendo post, I was surprised by my Wii's glowing disc drive.

All that's left is the Shop and Internet channel. Even the basic friend code and message system is getting sunsetted. I hope they patch the console to remove or allow removal of all of those soon-defunct applications. I think you will still be able to transfer Mii's via Wii Remotes if you had to.

It seems fast for my taste but Nintendo's struggles probably helped.

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I didn't even know you could exchange messages on the Wii.

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@video_game_king: There was a way you could email your Wii, too. It was unnecessarily clunky, but fun for the 1 message I sent when I bought my Wii at launch.

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Is this why my Wii has been turning on so much lately? It was on for like two hours the other day.

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They had announced this a while back, so this was a move that had been in the works for a while. I can't say I blame them, as they obviously want people to migrate to their new console.

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Dang that sucks. Not cool Nintendo

at least the shop survives, for now.

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