Xenoblade Chronicles

#1 Posted by xhunterpaul (96 posts) -

Really want to play me some Xenoblade Chronicles, ign gave it a 9.0, gamespot gave it a 9.0, no one has said its not good everywhere i go its all good. has anyone played it and think its bad? does Nintendo want me to buy a wii u and down load it?

#2 Posted by Synthballs (2222 posts) -

@xhunterpaul: I played the first half an hour or so. If you do get it, all I can say is put the audio in frickin japanese.

#3 Posted by Adrean89 (6 posts) -

The game is god but very time consuming. A complaint I have is that you can gain exp by discovering new areas but the exp that you gain does not motivate you enough to do so, that makes exploration tired and unrewarding.

#4 Posted by Tackchevy (281 posts) -

It's a classic and genre-pushing game. I also enjoyed the cheeky British accents. Unless you are adamantly opposed to RPGs, you'll like it. It isn't perfect, but it's close in all the ways that count.

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