Youtube on the Internet Channel

#1 Posted by S2333 (92 posts) -

Hi guys.
I have owned a Wii since launch and I remember being able to use the Internet Channel to watch Youtube videos.
Since the latest update of Youtube...I think it was around April, I have been unable to watch Youtube videos.
Can anyone else confirm this for me please.

#2 Posted by Geno (6768 posts) -

Youtube works just fine on my Wii. What is your problem specifically? 

#3 Posted by JoeyIA (666 posts) -

try instead

#4 Posted by S2333 (92 posts) -
@Geno: The videos just won't play and the video player will not load
#5 Posted by Geno (6768 posts) -
@S2333 said:
" @Geno: The videos just won't play and the video player will not load "
Can you access the internet at all on your Wii? Check your connection. 
Also make sure you have the latest firmware update. 
#6 Posted by S2333 (92 posts) -
@Geno:  Will check in the morning and get back to you!
#7 Posted by S2333 (92 posts) -
@Geno:  Oops my mistake. It seems it does work. It didn't seem to work before. Oh well sorry about that.

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