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Eagles, of the family Accipitridae, are large birds of prey that hunt rodents and other small animals. Besides vultures, they are the largest birds of prey currently alive.

Most eagles live in Eurasia and Africa, with only a couple species living on the American continent. Of those two, the endangered bald eagle is considered something of a patriotic symbol in the United States.

Eagles generally appear in games as flying nuisances, like crows or bats. They are also common RPG monsters as well as being parts of various combination animals from mythology, such as the leonine Griffon. It is also linked to several religions, such as with the Hindu minor god Garuda (also frequently reimagined as a common RPG enemy) and was a favorite animal form of Zeus.

Of fictional eagles, perhaps the best known to Giant Bomb users is the pompous muppet Sam the Eagle. He appears whenever the chat is shut down or closed to non-subscribers.

The eagle is also presented as an assistant to the player in some games. A temporary companion capable of acquiring and returning certain items to the player.