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Jetstream Sam

Cyborg ninja from the Desperado Enforcement LLC, encounters Raiden several times until he actually dismembers him in 2018 as Maverick Industry is trying to protect the African Leader. Master of the "New Shadow School" sword fighting style. His , his blade was passed down to him by his father.

During Raiden's attack on World Marshall HQ, Sam tapped into the electronic billboards and advertisements, taunting the former on how he justifies all the slaughter. He later appeared in person alongside Monsoon, wanting to fight Raiden now that he had shown his "Jack the Ripper" persona, but Monsoon insisted on taking the battle instead.

Upon being defeated and slain by Raiden in their second duel, it was revealed that he "barely had any cyborg enhancements", being far more human than his rival had imagined.

Despite being Raiden's bitter rival and hated enemy, Samuel is inexplicably used in the role of Raiden's "Minion" support character in the 2012 fighting game

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale