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1. Click "New Game" in the main menu to begin the "CROSS†CHANNEL" segment of the game, also known as "week one."You need make no special effort to complete this first segment, as reading to the end of the week is the only requirement.

However, Misato's route is already available in this first week, so you can complete it now if you wish.To do so, go to the roof and help whenever you can, "Dress her wounds," and when she visits your house late into the week, "Approach her" three times in a row.

2. After completing the "CROSS†CHANNEL" segment, you will automatically begin the "Breakdown/Purification" segment, also known as "week two."Again, completing this segment only requires that you read all to the end of the week.

This time, Misato and Touko's routes are both available.Misato's is the same as before, while Touko's requires more or less the opposite choices.To complete Touko's route, always choose "Go to the classroom" and "Talk to her" whenever possible.