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April 1989March 1989


Legacy of the Wizard, also known as Dragon Slayer IV: Drasle Family (or Dragon Slayer IV: Dragaon Dragon Slayer Family) in Japan, is actually the fourth game in Falcom's Dragon slayer series. It was originally released for Japan in 1987 and for North America in 1989.


Legacy of the Wizard follows the story of the Worzen family who are trying to destroy an evil dragon known as Keela who is trapped in a painting in an underground labyrinth. Using the Dragon Slayer sword is the only way the Worzen family can defeat Keela. The Dragon Slayer sword is protected by four magic crowns, which can only be captured by using the unique abilities of the different Worzen family members.

Family members

Xemn - The Father


Xemn is the father of the family and is tied for the most strength of the family. Xemn can use the Gloves, Powered Boots, and Armor.

Attack Range: 16

Attack Power: 3

Jump Height: 18

Meyna - The Mother


Meyna is the mother of the family and a wizard who can use a variety of magic items. Meyna uses the Wings, Key Stick, and the Hit Rod.

Attack Range: 24

Attack Power: 2

Jump Height: 20

Roas - The Son

Roas - Son

Roas is the son of the family and the one who is destined to destroy the evil Keela. Roas is tied for the longest range attacks of the family and is the only one able to use the Dragon Slayer to defeat Keela.

Attack Range: 32

Attack Power: 1

Jump Height: 20

Lyll - The Daughter

Lyll - Daughter

Lyll is the daughter of the family and also has a large attack range and the highest jump of the family. She can use the Jump Boots, and the Mattock, which is used to break blocks.

Attack Range: 32

Attack Power: 1

Jump Height: 26

Pochi - The Pet

Pochi - Pet

Pochi is the pet of the family who can walk past other monsters without them attacking. Pochi is tied for the most strength, but has a very small range of attack. Pochi can use the Fire Rod, and is the member of the family who is to retrieve the crown in the center of the labyrinth.

Attack Range: 8

Attack Power: 3

Jump height: 18

Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

Sound Test

  • To get to the sound test, on the title screen using the second player controller press and hold: up right A B. While still holding those buttons on the second player controller, use the first player controller and press and hold: down left Select, while holding all of these down press Start on the first player controller. If you have done all of this correctly you will hear a sound to let you know you did it right. To play the different songs put your cursor over the ancestor portrait in the family select and press A, you can press it more than once to play through the different songs.

Take no fall damage

  • To take no damage when you fall all you have to do is press the Start button access your items, then press Start again and you will not take any damage from the fall.