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The Official Title and LogoOn

Broken Age is an upcoming point-and-click adventure game coming from Double Fine Productions. The project was initially announced on February 8, 2012, through the website Kickstarter.com. Tim Schafer and Double Fine Productions announced the formation of a new project; desired to create an old-school point-and-click adventure game in which the primary funding comes from public donations through the website Kickstarter.com, but due to lack of publisher interest in the genre, they chose to pursue funding through crowdsourcing.

The development of the project will be simultaneously is being documented by 2 Player Productions, who would create are creating a serialized video series chronicling the process. Additionally, the project backers are promised have access to a private community forum to allow further feedback on the game as a whole through offer their input on the development. Backers also have access to a provided Steam beta.

Originally planned for a release on PC through Steam, the plans have since expandedgreater-than-expected funding has caused Double Fine to rethink their plans, and the game will also see release on Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Additionally, the plans have been expanded to include English-language voice acting and localized text in French, Italian, German, and Spanish.

The initial scope of the project suggested a release date in October of 2012, but due to the greater-than-anticipated larger budget, more time will be is being taken to develop the game and it . It is unknown precisely when the release date will be scheduled.


The Two Main CharactersAt

Details of the game, such as its official title and elements of its story, were unveiled at Double Fine's PAX East 2013 panel, the company announced the official title and launched the official website of the project.

As described, the title "Broken Age" is supposed to invoke a sense of what occurs during the game. Featuring The game will focus on two parallel stories of children, a young boy and a girl, who yearn to break free from the banalities of their every lives , and follow the game follows the pair as they attempt to alter their futuresfates. The boy lives a solitary life under the care of a motherly computer, but he wants wishes to break free, while the girl has been chosen as sacrifice to a terrible sea monster by her own village but she and decides to fight back..

Kickstarter Campaign

The game's codename, 'Reds'

The project's original goal was to collect $400,000 in pledges by March 13, 2012; the minimum pledge amount required for the project to go forward, with $300,000 going toward the game's development and the remaining amount toward the documentary series. This sum was quickly met within nine hours of the announcement. Pledges continued to climb, eventually reaching just over one million dollars in its first day. All donated funds in excess of the target will be used for the game's development, as well as the documentary.

On February 24, 2012, Double Fine posted another update to the project's Kickstarter page, indicating that with the larger-than-expected donation amount, the scope of the project has changed. Because of this, Double Fine will be taking more time to work on the game, and some Kickstarter donation rewards may be sent out later than had been originally intended. The update also served as an announcement for new rewards for various donation tiers. Notably, everyone that donated at least $100 toward the game will now also receive a physical copy of the game on disc in addition to all other rewards and benefits previously promised.

On March 13, 2012, the Kickstarter drive officially closed with a grand total of $3,335,235 from 87,138 backers. Premium backers also pledged an additional $110,000 not accounted for on the Kickstarter page, for a total of $3,445,235.

On May 8, 2012, Double Fine announced the option to become 'Slacker Backers.' By making a $15 purchase through PayPal, individuals who wish to support the project but missed the Kickstarter deadline will now be able to secure a copy of the game along with the $15-tier rewards of the original Kickstarter.

On January 15, 2013, Double Fine added a couple of options for those who would like to further support the Reds project. For the price of $40 for an unsigned copy and $60 for a signed copy, consumers could obtain a 13" by 19" art print by Majus, an intern who spent 3 months working on the project. Additionally, slacker backers can also send any other amount of money, functioning as a tip to the team. All these options were created for backers who wanted to pitch in a little more in the wake of a documentary episode where the financial struggles were somewhat detailed.