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Yuda is the Beauty Star of the Nanto Roku Seiken in Fist of the North Star. He marked once kidnapped Mamiya and branded her with the UD mark who fights against Reihis mark.


Yuda is a character in Fist of the North Star and one of the six Nanto Generals. He represents the Star of Beauty. A narcissist, he believes himself to be the most beautiful being in the world. However, Yuda's star also goes by a different name; the Star of Betrayal, an aspect of his personality that manifests after the nuclear war. He betrays the other generals and pledges his allegiance to Ken-Oh, which causes the other generals to drift apart on their own paths.

In his obsession with beauty, Yuda rounds up women that please him and presses them into servitude. Branding each woman he captures with a "UD," he keeps them as slaves, requiring them to dress and maintain their appearances as he desires; disobedience leads to these slaves being thrown into the desert and left to die. Yuda at one point captures Mamiya on her twentieth birthday and murders her parents in the process, but she manages to break free after being branded and returns home three days alter.

To free Mamiya from Yuda's torment, Rei faces him in a duel. Yuda attempts to win the battle through trickery, but his trap is thwarted by Kenshiro. Mesmerized by the beauty of Rei's martial arts, Yuda leaves himself open and is cut down.