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Character - Logan Carter EDIT  
A former football star and douchebag in denial that is at the Royal Palms Resort Hotel escaping the demons from his past. One of the four playable characters in Dead Island.


Logan is a former quarterback football star from the USA, who was as successful as he was egotistical. After getting in a tragic car accident while street racing in which his passenger was killed, injuries to his knee ended his football career. Logan is on Banoi promoting a blood drive when the zombie outbreak occurs.

Due to Logan being a former QB, his specialty is in throwing weapons; however, Logan is a "jack of all trades", and can earn bonuses to the specialities of all three of the other characters, giving him decent skills in blunt weapons, sharp weapons, and firearms.

His Rage attack is called Bullseye, which allows him to throw an infinite amount of knives for a short period of time.


  • Health - 100
  • Speed - 100
  • Stamina - 80