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Resident Evil 5 follows series alum Chris Redfield as he journeys into West Africa with his new partner, Sheva Alomar, fighting las Plagas-infested enemies called the Majini.
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Capcom announced Resident Evil 5 on July 20, 2005, released it on March 5, 2009 in Japan, and in North America and Europe on March 13, 2009. Developed by Capcom, Resident Evil 5 marks the franchise's first appearance on the PS3 and Xbox 360. The game stars Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar fighting the latest zombie threat in Africa.

The original look for Chris from RE5's debut trailer

The game takes place in 2009, eleven years after the events of the original Resident Evil, and the game's plot explores the post-Resident Evil 3, post-Umbrella world. Chris Redfield, now a member of a group known as the Bio-Terrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA), is deployed to investigate an incident in West Africa, which serves as the game's main setting. Chris is accompanied by Sheva Alomar, an agent of the West African branch of the BSAA. Sheva follows Chris, serving as his partner in the field in the way that Jill Valentine, who apparently had died in an encounter with Albert Wesker, once did.

The antagonists of the game include Chris Redfield's nemesis Albert Wesker and a woman named Excella Gionne, a relative of the founder of the Tricell Pharmaceutical Company, who operates the company's African branch. Ozwell E. Spencer, the founder of Umbrella Corp, and a key figure in the background story of the series, makes his first appearance.


Chris Redfield

The leading protagonist and returning hero from the original Resident Evil, Chris is now apart of the Bio-Terrorism Security Assessment Alliance (to which he is also a founding member) heading into Africa to investigate a possible arms deal under way lead by Ricardo Irving.

Now aged at 35, Chris' overall motivations have slipped somewhat and he has begun to question if what he is doing is even making a difference to the world.

  • Voiced by Roger Craig Smith.
  • Motion captured by Reuben Langdon.

Sheva Alomar

An all new character, Sheva is a native of West Africa, a part of the B.S.A.A. branch stationed there. Because of the tragedy that befallen Jill Valentine 3 years ago, Chris has often purposely chosen to work alone. Even still, it was recommended that Sheva join up as a guide.

Confident, intelligent and highly skilled with both firearms and melee combat, Sheva has a surprising degree of experience with B.O.W. threats despite her relatively young age of 23--coincidentally the same age as Jill Valentine during the Mansion Incident in the original Resident Evil.

  • Voiced and mo-capped by Karen Dyer.
  • Appearance based on Michelle Van Der Water.

Josh Stone

Another West-African native, Josh is the captain of the stationed B.S.A.A.'s Delta squad. A long time friend and mentor to Sheva Alomar, Josh is an equally capable operative who commands respect from his squadron.

  • Voiced and mo-capped by T.J Storm.

Jill Valentine

Survivor of the Mansion Incident; one of the people involved in finally taking down Umbrella; fellow founder for the B.S.A.A.; and Chris Redfield's best friend. Jill Valentine, like her cohort Chris, is a renowned operative for her wealth of experience fighting against B.O.W. creatures. Unfortunately, 3 years earlier to Resident Evil 5, she was attacked and presumably killed by series antagonist Albert Wesker.

  • Voiced and mo-capped by Patricia Ja Lee.

Daniel ''Dan'' DeChant

Leader of the B.S.A.A. Alpha team sent into Africa to apprehend Ricard Irving, DeChant along with his team are the first to encounter the mysterious new B.O.W. weapon that is Uroboros.

  • Voiced by Jim Sonzero.

Kirk Mathison

A helicopter pilot and fellow B.S.A.A. operative from the North American branch. Kirk provides support from his helicopter during some of the early portions of the game.

  • Voiced and mo-capped by Chris Mala.
  • Is notary for being one of the very few characters across the series to use the ''fuck'' expletive.

David ''Dave'' Johnson

An American B.S.A.A. operative who is stationed under Josh Stone's Delta team.

  • Voiced and mo-capped by Reuben Langdon.

Reynard Fisher

An undercover B.S.A.A. operative who supplies Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar with their starting B.S.A.A. standard issue handguns.

  • Voiced and mo-capped by Liam O'Brien.

Ricardo Irving

While on the surface Ricardo is an overseer of an oil refinery owned by Tricell, he is also a suspected arms dealer the B.S.A.A. have been keeping a track on for a while now. Once their sources hear about a potential B.O.W. deal lead by Ricardo Irving may be under way, the B.S.A.A. then send multiple teams in to apprehend him - instigating the events of Resident Evil 5.

Regardless of his suspected trade, Ricardo is a highly arrogant and sleazy individual who is willing to stoop to any level to help benefit his own personal wealth.

  • Voiced and mo-capped by Allan Groves.

Excella Gionne

The beautiful and seductive Excella is the head of Tricell's pharmaceutical division and the granddaughter of the founding members of Tricell.

Born and bred as an aristocrat in Europe due to her family's lineage, Excella is often used to getting what she wants, and makes ample use of her natural beauty to her advantage.

  • Voiced and mo-capped by Nina Fehren.

Albert Wesker

A recurring side-villain, Wesker has always been there behind the scenes, scheming and stepping in only in small doses to claim what he is after. Come Resident Evil 5, Wesker is finally given center stage as the main antagonist. Because of the virus he was injected with before the events of the very first Resident Evil (and his 'death' which put it in effect), Wesker largely retains his human appearance yet his skills in hand-to-hand combat and overall agility easily reaches super-human qualities.

A complete megalomaniac, Wesker is narcissistic enough to consider himself a God, and far above most of the heroes and even other villains of the series.

  • Voiced and mo-capped by D.C Douglas.

Ozwell E. Spencer

One of the founding members of the Umbrella Corporation, Spencer makes his debut physical appearance during a flashback as he explains the truth behind Albert Wesker's entire existence.

Insidious and conniving, Spencer has often always been behind the scenes of the series. By this point, his health has rapidly begun to fail him.

  • Voiced and mo-capped by Adam D. Clark.


A minor character in Resident Evil 5, Doug is an African B.S.A.A. operative in Josh Stone's Delta squad. He his given a larger role in the Desperate Escape story DLC.


The game opens with a cutscene of a hooded, masked figure standing next to an African male. The African, hunched over onto his knees, writhes about the floor in what looks to be a dank cellar. Interspersed with the shots of the hooded figure and the African, are shots of heavily-armed BSAA troops arriving in Humvees. They park in a large garage and file out. One, Captain DeChant, barks orders at the squad and, speaking into a shoulder-mounted radio, confirms his arrival. Meanwhile, amorphous, eel-like creatures consume the African's body, and the hooded figure leaves the cellar.

Chris Redfield is shown driving through the African Savanna, and he laments the fall of Umbrella, for the company's dissolution has lead to the dissemination of Bio-Organic Weapons (B.O.W.) to the black market and to terrorists at large. He recollects that this reorientation of power created the anti-terrorist group, the Bioterrorism Assessment Security Alliance (BSAA). Chris pulls into a small African town, meeting one Sheva Alomar, his partner for the duration in Kijuju, West Africa. This spurns Chris to remember his former partner, Jill Valentine, who was killed in action.

The two meet a BSAA-planted mole, an Arab, who gives them their weaponry. The mission: find Ricardo Irving, a major terrorist leader, prominent for the buying and selling of B.O.W.s. The mole asks the pair if they are aware of a B.O.W. called "Uroboros", a veritable doomsday weapon, and tells the pair that Irving is the only link to the Uroboros project. After setting out, Chris and Sheva encounter a lone African in a building, who only moments before was forced to ingest an embryo containing a genetically-altered form of Las Plagas. Uninformed, Chris attempts to communicate with the man, but the interchange is cut short when the man lunges for Redfield and attempts to kill him. The man is quickly neutralized, and after being ambushed by a horde of infected and locking themselves behind a heavy steel door, Chris and Sheva realize the situation is much more complicated than they anticipated.

Soon, Chris and Sheva come to a public assembly. Through a window, they watch as a rabble-rouser and a giant, veiled man wielding a massive axe stand before a mob. Kneeling in front of the rabble-rouser is the Arab Chris and Sheva spoke with only some time earlier. He screams insults at the mob and the rabble-rouser before the executioner swings the axe down unto him, presumably decapitating him. The rabble-rouser, scanning the crowd, sees Chris and Sheva standing in the window, sends the mob and the executioner after the pair. Chris and Sheva fight for minutes on end before Kirk, their support member, flies in with a helicopter and clears the area with an air strike.

After fighting through the streets against more infected, Chris and Sheva come to a building where the bodies of Alpha Team--the team lead by Captain DeChant--are strewn about, all dead. DeChant is found, however, nearly dead. He speaks to the pair about a monster that attacked them, claiming it was a set-up. Before dying, he gives Chris a data disk containing information about Alpha Team's mission. The pair heads into the basement level of the building, where they are confronted by a near-shapeless mass of writhing eels, a B.O.W.. Chris and Sheva lure it into a furnace room, where they trap it and set the monster aflame. Once they defeat the creature, they move into a garage, the garage in which the twin humvees used by Alpha Team are parked. Unbeknownst to them, they are being watched via a surveillance camera by a man connected to the Tricell network. He watches them from a laptop in a small car. Driving the car is the hooded figure.

In the garage, Chris contacts the BSAA West Africa Headquarters and relays the information given to him by DeChant. Chris identifies the locals as being infected with Las Plagas (citing the "Kennedy Report"), and reports their encounter with the new B.O.W., to which BSAA HQ responds by ordering Chris and Sheva to continue their mission without backup, stating that intel suggests Irving has fled to a nearby mine. The pair are informed that Delta Team, another squad of BSAA soldiers, is en route to Kijuju, and that they will assist in the capture of Irving upon arrival. Resistant, Chris and Sheva eventually resign to their duties and follow the trail alone. Fighting through more Majini (the locals infected with Las Plagas and T-virus) and a lone chainsaw-wielding maniac, and after the death of Kirk at the hands of flying Plagas, the pair reach a clearing where they are ambushed by motorcycle-riding Majini. Delta Team intercepts and neutralizes the Majini before any harm can be brought to Chris and Sheva, and after the threat is extinguished, Sheva introduces Chris to Delta Team's leader, Captain Josh Stone. He confirms HQ's suspicion that Irving has moved into the mines, and tells the pair Delta Team will accompany Chris and Sheva after Majini stragglers in the area have been detained or otherwise neutralized. Before leaving with his team, Josh gives Chris a data chip, which Chris inputs into his PDA. Immediately, a photograph of Jill Valentine appears in his PDA, and Chris's thoughts revert back to an incident in a mansion. Among the images Chris remembers is a flash of Jill falling from a window into a ravine. When Sheva questions Chris's stricken demeanor, he quickly denies any problem. The pair continues forth to the mines.

Coming out of the mines, the pair reach an ore refinery set upon a cliff side precipice. They force their way into the nearest shack and find Ricardo Irving sifting through files. All three--Chris, Sheva, and Irving--draw their weapons, but after a brief standstill, a smoke grenade is thrown into the room, obscuring the pair's vision. Then, the hooded figure crashes through a window, snatches Irving (who taunts the two BSAA agents), and promptly escapes. Chris and Sheva run to the window before the smoke has cleared entirely, but the hooded figure and Irving have disappeared. Chris inspects a file and learns Irving is headed toward an oil refinery past the Marshlands. The lull is short-lived, however, as the building comes under fire from Majini manning heavy artillery and sporting molotov cocktails. The pair fight their way past the Majini until they reach a clearing, at which point a freight truck, driven by a lone Majini, careens around the narrow cliff path. Out of control, the truck crashes and spins sideways, barricading the path and trapping Chris and Sheva in the clearing. After a moment's silence, the freight truck opens, revealing a giant, bat-like B.O.W. Chris and Sheva, through tactical placement of proximity mines, manage to thwart the B.O.W., and in its feral rage it lunges toward the freight truck, knocking it from the precipice into the deep ravine below.

Chris and Sheva take a moment to peer over the cliff at the broken body of the B.O.W. below. As they collect their breath, a BSAA Humvee drives into the clearing. The driver calls for the pair to board the Humvee, providing them transport to the West Africa BSAA headquarters. During their drive across the savannah, Chris and Sheva are attacked by more motorcycle-Majini, and when they reach the BSAA Headquarters, they find the area completely destroyed, no survivors remain. As Chris, Sheva, and the Humvee driver inspect the area, a lone El Gigante emerges and kills the Humvee driver. Chris and Sheva use the vehicle's turrets to fend off the titanic beast and, once free from immediate danger, the pair tries to organize a plan without the influence of BSAA HQ. Chris argues he has a "personal stake" in continuing the hunt for Irving, whilst Sheva maintains the two of them ought to retreat and let the BSAA deal with the situation more properly. It is here that Chris reveals to Sheva his desire to find Jill, to confirm his suspicion that Jill is alive. Sheva, convinced by Chris's resolve, asks to go along, and together they head into the Marshlands via fanboat. Into the Marshlands, after Irving.

Chris reflects on his last moment with Jill--Chris and Jill received a tip suggesting Albert Wesker was at the mansion of Ozwell Spencer, the founder of Umbrella. He recollects finding Wesker standing over the dead body of Spencer, the fight that erupted, and the death of Jill and Wesker. Sheva explains her motivation for enlisting in the BSAA; her parents were killed during Umbrella's activities and bio-experimentation, which took place across most of the African continent.

They enter the Marshlands and find the corpse of a BSAA soldier, and during their exploration of the swamp the pair discovers the natives, too, have been infected with Las Plagas. Chris and Sheva fight through the infected to the oil refinery, where they meet up with Josh Stone, who was separated from Delta Team during an attack and made his way to the refinery alone. Sheva explains the new situation to Josh--that the headquarters have been destroyed and that Chris believes his partner may be alive, possibly captive--and he quickly agrees to assist them. He mentions a boat docked on the far side of the refinery, near Irving's personal cruiser. Josh separates from the pair, going to ready the boat, and Chris and Sheva confront Irving on his cruiser. However, before they can board it, Irving activates a self-destruct sequence, and the pair have less than two minutes to leave the refinery before the sequence commences. In the frenzy, Sheva notices the hooded figure (and identifies the hooded figure's gender: female) speed away from Irving's cruiser in a small speed boat. The pair charge for the boat Josh has readied and race away from the refinery, in hot pursuit of Irving's cruiser, as it is rocked by several massive explosions.

Josh maneuvers the boat through several river-based floodgates and catches up with Irving's cruiser. Chris and Sheva board the cruiser, where they confront Irving, who comments the pair are "making him look bad." He injects himself with a Master Plagas, given to him by the hooded figure. In a narrative break from the story the hooded figure is shown coercing Irving into taking the Plagas, which would transform him permanently, as punishment for failing to stop Chris and Sheva. After leaping into the river, he promptly metamorphoses into a massive, tentacled beast. Using the weaponry on the cruiser, the pair quickly dispatch the monster, which spits out the deformed remains of Irving's human body. With his dying breaths, Irving reveals he knows the name Chris Redfield, that a cave nearby holds answers for the BSAA pair, should they choose to enter, and that the Uroboros project is almost finished, spelling certain doom for the world. Lastly, he expresses disappointment at the fact that "Excella" didn't find him worthy of a better B.O.W. Sheva recognizes the name "Excella" but cannot place it, but insists the cave is the last, best option.

Regrouped with Josh, the pair make their way into the cave. There, Sheva notices the boat used by the hooded figure to flee Irving's cruiser. Josh tries one last time to convince Chris and Sheva out of pursuing the hooded figure and the Uroboros project. When they refuse, Josh resigns to their argument. He leaves, vowing to bring backup for the pair. They continue into the cave and find an ancient underground city, populated entirely by infected natives.

Meanwhile, deep within the cave, Excella Gionne is shown tending to Wesker. She administers him a shot and admires his foresight regarding the tactical use of Las Plagas to distract the BSAA from the Uroboros project. Then she implies she ought to have a more central role in Wesker's New World, to which he remarks coldly, "Your position at Tricell is secured." The hooded figure enters the room and informs Excella and Wesker that Chris Redfield has reached the facility. Excella scoffs and gauges Wesker for concern, but he remains stoic, intolerant of delay. The hooded figure and Excella leave the room as Wesker looks back on his murder of Ozwell Spencer. Revelling in satisfaction, Wesker peers out over a collection of missiles labeled with the word "Uroboros" and credits the creation of Uroboros to Spencer himself.


The single-player experience is based on the overhaul made to the franchise in Resident Evil 4, but includes cooperative gameplay. The new character, Sheva Alomar, supports Chris with covering fire and can use healing items to mend the party's injuries. When two human players begin a game in co-op, the secondary player controls Sheva. Sheva is left-handed, which orients the camera over her left shoulder, as opposed to the right shoulder in the case of Chris (and Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker in the game's Mercenaries mode). This was done to give the game a more pleasing visual aesthetic in split-screen mode.

Due to the cooperative nature of the game, Resident Evil 5 departs from the original formula and its gameplay is of a faster-paced, more action-oriented nature. The game pits the player(s) against large groups of enemies, often in wide, mutli-leveled areas. The player does not accompany his/her partner at all times and occasionally the puzzles call for a separation between the pair. Furthermore, players can play the entire game with their friends online or offline through co-op mode via Xbox Live, Playstation Network, Steam, system link, or through splitscreen. A new player can jump in and out at any given moment.

The large number of enemies can often overwhelm the players. They may also find themselves ambushed by enemies, and that is where the cooperative nature of the game comes into play. At some points, various enemies grab the characters which can be halted by help from the player's partner. The game also features a dying mode. This prevents the player from dying outright after taking too much damage. Instead, it puts the character in a vulnerable position unable to do anything but walking slowly until the player's partner revives him/her.

Say it with me: Not a zombie!

Past misconceptions that Resident Evil 5 would introduce a new control scheme that would allow players to move and shoot have been extinguished. The game retains roughly the same control scheme that Resident Evil 4 had with a few changes. Four types of control schemes are available, and the default one allows the player to fire weapons with the right trigger button. Displaying a map in the top right corner of the screen can now be done by pressing a shoulder button.

Another improvement to the Resident Evil model is the inventory system. It is now mapped to a face button where both Chris and Sheva's inventories are shown on the screen. Players can request, give or exchange items with their partner. Chris and Sheva can each carry only up to nine items in their inventories, which considering the large number of weapons, items, and ammo types seems oddly insufficient. There is also no upgrade option concerning the inventory space. Two optional vests, which reduce the damage received from melee attacks or bullet wounds, can be purchased from the store. Using them means they take up a slot in the player's already-limited inventory for the entire duration of a level. The items on the top, bottom, middle left, and middle right of the nine spaces are assigned to the d-pad for instant access, allowing for quicker weapon swapping during combat. The inventory can be organized after finishing/reloading missions. There players can upgrade their weapons, change the placement of items in their inventory, trade weapons (except, oddly, in co-op mode, where each weapon is effectively bound on pickup) and transfer unneeded things to their storage. To add to the intensity, in levels, all inventory management is done in real time, meaning the player is completely exposed while doing so.

Except for a few traditional puzzles, most of the puzzles in the game are cooperative and require both characters to work together to solve. It should be mentioned that the aforementioned puzzles are also somewhat harder this time around.

The latest entity in the Resident Evil franchise is significantly more action-oriented and most often the player trades heavy gunfire with the enemies, as a result the game allows players to take cover behind objects and walls at predetermined locations where the threat of being shot is high. The system vaguely resembles the cover system seen in Gears of War. Most, but not all, of the covers are indestructible which provides a secure shield for the player to survive the situation.

Boss battles are an integral part of the experience and contain exciting actions and abrupt quick time events. Like previous games in the series, some bosses can't be defeated by simply shooting them until they die. They must receive a certain amount of damage in order to advance to a stage at which they can be defeated.




M92FMain page: M9 PistolFirepower: 150 - 250Reload speed: 1.70 - 1.36 secondsCapacity: 10 - 100 bulletsSpecial - Critical percentage: 1 - 4%Note: Fully upgrading a M92F unlocks the M93R in the store.
H&K P8

H&K P8

Main page: USP .45Firepower: 140 - 300Reload speed: 1.53 - 0.85 secondsCapacity: 9 - 25 bulletsSpecial - Piercing power: 2 - 5 enemies
SIG P226

SIG P226

Main page: SIG Sauer P226Firepower: 180 - 480Reload speed: 1.70 - 1.62 secondsCapacity: 8 - 16 bulletsSpecial - None


Main page: M93 RafficaFirepower: 170 - 400Reload speed: 1.70 - 1.36 secondsCapacity: 10 - 30 bulletsSpecial - 3 shot burst


Ithaca M37

Ithaca M37Main page: Ithaca 37Firepower: 200 - 400Reload speed: 3.00 - 2.40 secondsCapacity: 6 - 25 shellsSpecial - Critical percentage: 1 - 2%Note: Fully upgrading a Ithaca M37 Unlocks the Hydra in the store.


Main page: Benelli M3 Super 90Firepower: 300 - 900Reload speed: 3.00 - 2.70 secondsCapacity: 5 -10 shellsSpecial - None
Jail Breaker

Jail Breaker

Main page: Armsel StrikerFirepower: 180 - 350Reload speed: 1.82 secondsCapacity: 5 - 15 shellsSpecial - Attack range: 7 -15


Main page: HydraFirepower: 280 - 550 x3Reload speed: 3.67 - 3.30 secondsCapacity: 4- 10 shellsSpecial - Attack range: 7 - 15

Machine Guns


VZ61Main page: Skorpion vz. 61Firepower: 50 - 100Reload speed: 2.83 - 2.27 secondsCapacity: 50 -300 bulletsSpecial - Critical percentage: 1 - 3%Note: Fully upgrading a VZ61 unlocks the Gatling Gun in the store.


Main page: MP5Firepower: 60 -120Reload speed: 2.70 - 2.10 secondsCapacity: 45 - 150 bulletsSpecial - Piercing power: 2 - 4 people


Main page: AK-74Firepower: 90 -250Reload speed: 2.83 - 2.55 secondsCapacity: 30 -50 bulletsSpecial - None
SIG 556

SIG 556

Main page: SIG SG 556Firepower: 80 -180Reload speed: 2.55 - 1.42 secondsCapacity: 40 -80 bulletsSpecial - None
Gatling Gun

Gatling Gun

Main page: Gatling GunNote: The Gatling gun, due to its extreme weight and kickback, can only be used by the exceptionally strong Chris Redfield.



S75Main page: Sako M75Firepower: 750 - 2000Reload speed: 3.67 - 3.30 secondsCapacity: 6 -50 bulletsSpecial - NoneNote: Fully upgrading a S75 unlocks the Longbow in the store.
Dragunov SVD

Dragunov SVD

Main page: DragunovFirepower: 650 -1300Reload speed: 2.83 - 2.41 secondsCapacity: 7 -18 bulletsSpecial - None


Main page: PSG-1Firepower: 600 -1200Reload speed: 2.55 - 1.70 secondsCapacity: 5 - 15 bulletsSpecial - Scope Upgrade: 1 - 2


Main page: LongbowNote: the Longbow can only be used by Sheva Alomar, though the specific reason for this is uncertain. It has unlimited arrows in its quiver and is the only weapon in the game that lacks a laser sight, for obvious reasons.


S&W M29

S&W M29Main page: S&W M29Firepower: 1500 -3200Reload speed: 3.53 - 2.83 secondsCapacity: 6 -12 bulletsSpecial - Piercing power: - 2 - 3 peopleNote: Fully upgrading a S&W M29 unlocks the S&W M500 in the stores.
L. Hawk

L. Hawk

Main page: Desert EagleFirepower: 1400 -3000Reload speed: 1.70 - 1.36 secondsCapacity: 5 - 8 bulletsSpecial - Piercing power: 3 - 7 people
S&W M500

S&W M500

Main page: S&W M500Firepower: 2100 - 5000Reload speed: 3.53 - 3.18 secondsCapacity: 5 -6 bulletsSpecial - Piercing power: 2 - 3 people


Grenade Launcher

Grenade LauncherMain page: MGLExplosive rounds: Basic rounds for the grenade launcher, has a small splash damage radius.Flame rounds: A ammunition that creates a fire on the ground and causes 500 points of damage.Acid rounds: Does 500 points of damage and knocks the enemies down.Electric rounds: Used to kill parasites and does 400 points of damage.Nitrogen rounds: Freezes the enemies, allowing them to be shattered in one hit and causes 100 points of damage.Flash rounds: Stuns the enemies, kills parasites and causes 100 points of damage.
Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launcher

Main page: RPG-7It shoots rockets, it's a rocket launcher!


Common Majini

Carrying on from the role of the Ganado in Resident Evil 4, the Majini and its varieties are the most common adversary encountered throughout Resident Evil 5. Like the Ganado, they differ from zombies in that they exhibit some degree of intelligence and are much more so aggressive than the zombies of entries past.

There are three distinctive iterations of Majini found throughout Resident Evil 5:

Village Majini - There are first the civilians of the African town Kijuju who will function much like the Ganado wielding shovels, sickles, dynamite and other such rudimentary weapons.
Wetlands Majini - These are the Majini who were once apart of an African tribe living amongst the wetlands. This kind is significantly more agile and can leap impressive distances to attack the player. Their weapons consist of bows, and spears and shields, giving them ample defense and a longer reach of attack than the villager Majini.
Soldier Majini - Finally there are the soldier Majini, who are the most advanced of the three Majini varieties. They are intelligent enough to know how to use automatic firearms and utilise cover, work together more efficiently, and will even make sound use of grenades, cattle prods and bulletproof shields. The Soldier Majini suffer one notable drawback, however, in that some will often be found wearing an array of grenades over their chest allowing players to take advantage and kill the Majini instantly by shooting the grenades.

Common Majini Mutations

Like the Ganado before them, once Majini have taken enough damage there is often a high chance that they will mutate into something further.

Cephalo - The most common mutation, usually brought forth after a successful headshot, Cephalo is a plagas that protrudes out of a Majini's neck, almost resembling a large centipede. The Majini will no longer make use of any weapons they previously used and will instead use the plagas almost like a whip to swipe the player. Because of the many skittering legs that litter the plagas, simply being too close to the mutated Majini can inflict damage without the Majini actually initiating an attack. Damage to the plagas host is now largely ineffective, and the Majini from then on is most vulnerable by shooting the plagas itself.
Kipepeo - The second most common mutation, and another that is largely ported from one such Ganado mutation in Resident Evil 4. This one is a form a flying plagas that bursts out of the Majini's back once it has received enough damage. Once airborne and out of its host, its attacks are sporadic and unpredictable, and it can also quickly dart out of the way should the player aim at it. Otherwise it is relatively weak and can be taken down in groups easy with a few accurate shotgun rounds.
Duvalia - Only encountered against the soldier Majini, the Duvalia, as is custom with mutations, occurs once the Majini has received so much damage. Then the Majini begins to rapidly mutate into what almost looks like an exotic flower. The entire upper-half of the Majini is enclosed within an impenetrable shell, with the vulnerable 'mouth' residing with. The Duvalia will primarily try to whack the player using its shell, but given the chance should the player get close enough will open its shell and 'chomp' the player, instantly placing the player in the dying state. The only way to kill it is to shoot the lower regions of the Majini, forcing the Duvalia to fall onto its knees with the shell open, then shooting the inside.
Explosion - While not a mutation per se, sometimes a soldier Majini will quickly begin to boil and eventually explode after it has taken enough damage.

Bui Kichwa

While they were originally meant to be another Majini mutation, for the final game they are instead only encountered independently. Resembling a sort of exotic arachnid, their main attack is to quickly latch around the player. They do minimal damage, but they also restrict the player to only walking as they struggle to remove the Kichwa. This then allows other enemies in the vicinity to more easily attack the player.

They are otherwise dispatched easily enough with just one or two pistol rounds. Because of their small size, however, they are often able to strike outside of the player's view catching them off-guard.


Infected Doberman dogs, these are mostly encountered during the stages set in the Kijuju village and on Wesker's ship deck . They normally function as highly aggressive dogs, attempting to leap at the player. These can also mutate, however the catalyst is if they are not killed quickly enough rather than should they receive a certain degree of damage.

Once mutated, their heads open up revealing a large vertically aligned array of sharp teeth surrounding plagas tentacles in the middle. During this phase, they can withstand a much more significant amount of damage before dying, and they will often attempt to leap onto the player and slam their 'mouth' around the character's face killing them instantly.

Big Man Majini

A sub-boss of sorts encountered amidst groupings of the villager and soldier Majinis. They are pot bellied and carry a lot of strength - enough to withstand many close-range shots from a shotgun. They are formidable when close, however, and can knock the player onto the ground with ease should any one of his attacks hit.

While he is encountered amongst both villager and soldier Majini, the only difference between the two is cosmetic; his villager iteration is seen wearing shorts while the soldier iteration is wearing urban camo pants and boots.

Chainsaw Majini

Another sub-boss, the Chainsaw Majini is the 'spiritual successor' to Dr Salvador from Resident Evil 4, as they utilise the same sort of chainsaw-related attacks and are equally as sturdy. Though unlike Salvador, before Chainsaw Majini strike they tend to laugh manically often giving the player an added second to escape the Majini's attack range.

There are two versions of the Chainsaw Majini distinguished by the color of their trousers. The Chainsaw Majini wearing red, once killed, will stay dead. The ones wearing blue, however, once bested will soon get up and begin to flail madly with their Chainsaw making them much more so dangerous than usual. To compensate, their health is kept to be relatively low during this phase.

Executioner Majini

Huge, intimidating lumbering Majini, these are only encountered once during the main game, though are much more prevalent in other areas of the game including the Mercenaries modes and Desperate Escape DLC story.

Wielding a massive hammer, they will pull it along the ground and slowly slam it unto the player should the player be close enough. The attack itself will empty a character's entire health bar, leaving them in the dying state. Besides that, the Executioner may also pick up the player forcing them to quickly tap a button to escape, or to rely on their partner to save them. If neither is successful, the Executioner throws the player to the ground and will execute and kill the player instantly - ignoring the dying state completely.

There is another variant encountered only in the Prison map for the Mercenaries modes. It functions exactly the same as the regular Executioner, though it has a different appearance, wearing less clothing with a noticeably tight red leather sack over its head.

Giant Majini

Encountered alongside the infected Sodibaya Tribe of Majini, Giant Majini earn their moniker well, standing at maybe 12ft tall equipped with a huge crafted mace. Wearing an indestructible tribal mask that completely covers their head, they are otherwise unarmored across the rest of their body. They are still highly resistance to damage all the same, however.

Using their large mace for attacks, they will most often swing it within close proximity doing severe damage to players caught within range. Besides their height, they are also often easy to pick out by ear due to the warcries they'll make to let their presence be known.

Gatling Gun Majini

Sharing a particular resemblance to the 'J.J' Ganado from Resident Evil 4, Gatling Gun Majini's are stocky Majini equipped with, like their name implies, gatling guns. Chomping on a cigar, sporting aviators and a beret, these Majini's are understandably only encountered amongst the soldier Majini. They will of course primarily use their gatling gun to rip through any players they manage to catch within their fire, though they can also use the gatling gun to smack the player away should they get close enough.


Resembling what looks like a massive humanoid cockroach, Reapers are an accidental creation courtesy of exposure from the Uroboros virus. Reapers are pretty much indestructible lest the player shoots their weak points, which are littered across the back of the Reaper and will sporadically expose themselves only for a second. Should the player manage to shoot one of the weak points, the Reaper keels over revealing two more weak points, finally resulting in the Reaper bending backwards to reveal its most vulnerable region within the middle of its carapace.

If the player shoots anywhere else besides one of the telegraphed weak points, the Reaper emits a mist which clouds the player's vision of the Reaper. Because of their high demand for precise timing to kill it, and the fact that they can swiftly kill a player instantly should they get close enough, Reapers are arguably one of the most antagonizing enemies of the game.

Licker β

Primarily recognised for their appearance in Resident Evil 2, Licker β's are an advanced form of Lickers that have been injected with the progenitor virus. While they largely look the same, they are noticeably bigger in mass with more muscle. The most notary difference is for their resistance to bullets, allowing them to withstand copious amounts of firearm fire. Unlike the original Lickers, however, Licker β's have one particular weakness: Their exposed heart. Because of this, should the player manage to knock a Licker onto its back, they can then commit and instant kill by way of a button prompt allowing them to stab the Licker directly in its heart. One other weakness they have inherited over their predecessors is their inability to see. Though they have highly acute hearing, it is possible during some occasions for the player to avoid combat with Lickers altogether as long as they walk past without firing their weapons.

Licker β's still attack using the same array of moves, including their tongue which they now use to pierce a character's shoulder continually draining the character's health the longer it stays. Their large claws are also an asset Licker's will often use given the chance if a player is close enough, or sometimes they will even leap across the air - potentially grabbing the player and killing them instantly by stabbing them if the player's partner can't save them in time. One final similarity Licker β's have with their predecessors is the ability to maneuver across flat surfaces, crawling up walls and across ceilings.

Guardian of Insanity

Only encountered during the Lost in Nightmares story DLC, the Guardians of Insanity are an iteration of the Executioner Majini seen during Resident Evil 5. They lumber around carrying large anchors rather than hammers, however, and are also much more resistant to gunfire. Shooting them forces them to temporarily bleed acid, which does minimal damage but will also stun the player if caught within the splash. The most suitable tactic for beating the creatures is to shoot the small eye it has located on the back on its large hump.

Unlike the Executioners, should a Guardian manage to grab the player, they need their partner to save them otherwise the player currently grabbed will die - no QTE's to allow them to escape the Guardian's grasp.


While not infected, the native crocodiles of West Africa are much more so aggressive than average crocs. They are only encountered during the marshlands: First whilst the player is riding a raft, as the crocodiles attempt to bite them, and secondly as the player is traversing waist-high water to reach a small settlement of huts. On the raft they can only be avoided via QTE's, but when travelling through the water they can be killed. The crocodiles are unusually sturdy against gunfire, however, and should they get close enough can kill the player instantly.

Boss Battles

Uroboros Test Subject

Unleashed by Ricardo Irving after the B.S.A.A. Alpha Team began their pursuit, it is first referenced off-hand by Dan DeChant and his team while it is heard over radio that they're being attacked by a mysterious unknown B.O.W.. Eventually, Chris and Sheva come upon it themselves and are forced to do battle against it.

Somewhat humanoid in shape, it largely consists of a series of squiggly black tentacles. Its attacks consist of stretching force a bastion of tentacles at the player. Should it get close, it can also envelop the player with its tentacles, and without the aid of the player's partner will drain the player's health until they reach the dying state. It has fairly slow movement, though it also has the ability to disperse and recreate itself within seconds in another position - possibly right below the player.

Initially, ordinary weapons fire is nigh useless against it. Though after it has been attacked by fire, it quickly starts to weaken and tendrils begin to sprout out revealing its weak points. The player can do battle with it this way, though they can also attempt to lure it into the nearby furnace then stun it by using, for example, an incendiary grenade, and then turn on the furnace. It takes two attempts to kill it using this method, but would still save players a great degree of supplies.


A Bio-Organic Weapon that was being transported to be sold, it is accidentally let loose during a vehicular crash. The Popkarimu is faced twice: First on the outskirts of a mining station, and then again while Chris & Sheva are exploring a series of underground African caves. The first time is mandatory, though the second may be avoided if the player can manage to outrun it. For both appearances the boss fight plays out the same.

Resembling a giant bat with a scorpions tail, it will switch between chasing the player on the ground, and hounding the player from the air. Popokarimu's front is impenetrable from gunfire, though its rear up its tail is highly vulnerable. The most suitable strategy is for the player to lay down mines; after the Popokarimu comes in vicinity, the explosion will knock it over giving the player ample time to fire at its weak point. Otherwise, if its a cooperative game, one player can always act as bait while the other shoot at its rear.


The successor to El Gigante from Resident Evil 4, Ndesu is Tricell's counterpart. Though it looks similar in appearance, it differs in that it has multiple Las Plagas parasites within rather than a single large Plagas like El Gigante. Unlike in Resident Evil 4 where El Gigante's was faced on foot, Ndesu is fought whilst Chris and Sheva are in a B.S.A.A. Humvee using turrets.

It attacks using similar such tactics as its El Gigante brethren; with its brute strength it attempts to smash and stamp down on the Humvee, while also picking up power posts and even a boulder to throw at the vehicle. The player is tasked with continually shooting at whatever Ndesu to quickly cause him to flinch so he'll drop his weapon. After it takes so much damage, the many Las Plagas within erupt out of its skin. Once they've been killed, Ndesu keels over for a much larger parasite to expose itself out of its back giving, players the chance to finally shoot at its weak point before it burrows back within. After 2-3 assaults on the main Las Plagas parasite, Ndesu is finally killed.

Ricardo Irving

Because of his failure at stopping Chris & Sheva's pursuit, Jill Valentine currently in her 'Bird Lady' outfit hands Irving a vial with a Master Plagas sample, and orders him to use it should he be cornered. As such, once Chris & Sheva manage to finally catch up to Irving on his luxury boat, he gives in to the potential power a Master Plagas would give and injects himself with it.

It only takes seconds for the parasite to cause Ricardo to mutate; after leaping into the water, Irving soon resurfaces as a monstrously huge amphibious creature. Because this is the work of a Master Plagas, Irving has complete control over his actions. To fight back against the beast, players must use the turrets conveniently located on Irving's boat. Two miniguns and two rocket launchers, players are to shoot at the glowing weak point until it submerges and its tendrils pop out in exchange. Occasionally, it will swim up to attempt to bite the player with its gigantic maw; a button prompt will quickly appear so as the player can avoid the attack. Soon after so much punishment, the creature latches onto the boat as Ricardo, now essentially functioning as the uvula of the monster, reveals himself so as the player can shoot him. After so many attempts, the beast soon spits out Ricardo's body as it dies. Ricardo then soon follows as his sack-like body disintegrates.


The U standing for 'Ultimate', U-8 is a massive crab-like B.O.W. Excella Gionne unleashes to attempt to kill Chris & Sheva. Acting as a blockade stopping the elevator they're currently on from descending any further, the duo have no choice but to fight against the U-8. Because of its size, its mass stretches across nearly half the size of the elevator; its weak points are the patches of fleshy skin along its claw, however should the player get close, U-8 will often attempt to strafe around the elevator.

Once enough damage has been done, it will eventually collapse onto the elevator with its mouth agape. This then gives the chance for players to unload at the mouth. Alternatively, players can throw a grenade down its throat (which triggers a small cutscene) to do maximum damage. Each grenade hurled in breaks apart of the armor covering U-8's head, allowing more opportunities to do significant damage. U-8 attacks by performing long range slices with its claws, which'll open a button prompt to help players avoid in time. It will also eventually summon a small array of flying insects to pester players and knock them off their aim when they're shooting U-8's weak points.

Uroboros Mkono

The second helping of Uroboros comes courtesy of Excella Gionne, who once against attempts to halter Chris & Sheva's advance. Though unlike their first encounter, this one is much stronger and there are no conveniently placed furnaces nearby either. Instead players are given multiple gas canisters to drop, along with a flamethrower. The gas canisters, once dropped, will become melded with Uroboros should it move nearby one allowing the player to better maximise the fiery damage potential inflicted. The flamethrower is first stationed on the wall; it has limited ammo, and once used up must be returned so it can be refuelled.

Tactics for this encounter work pretty much the exact same as the last one and players must use the various fire-related weaponry at their disposal for Uroboros to reveal its weak points. The flamethrower using during the battle is strictly for this battle alone; once it's finished, the player cannot take it with them.

Albert Wesker & Jill Valentine

After much travel and many B.O.W. creatures killed, Chris & Sheva finally manage to catch up to Excella. However, Albert Wesker soon reveals himself to the duo along with a brainwashed Jill Valentine. Wesker finally decides to settle the score with Chris, and along with Jill, they have a two vs two battle inside an underground temple.

Despite the circumstances, Jill Valentine is not to be killed and it will result in a game over should that happen. She will have no qualms about attempting to kill the player, however. Albert Wesker of course shares the same philosophy. Ordinarily the player is to try and survive for seven minutes, though the player can also attempt to fight Wesker and should they do enough damage, Wesker will cut the current battle short and leave.

Albert Wesker because of his increased strength and agility is able to avoid nearly all weaponry fire, and can move about the environment considerably faster than the player. His choice of attack is to quickly charge in and use melee attacks against the player; sometimes he will also swiftly pull out his H&K P8 and shoot two rounds at the player, though the player is given button prompts to avoid the shots. The most reliable strategy to beating Wesker during this stage is to run away; after so long has passed, or if the player heads near the door, Wesker will kick the player through it giving access to the upper floor and its corridors. From there the player can attempt to get some distance between them and Wesker, take cover, and then quickly pop out and shoot him. The same works if one player is able to distract him while another attempts to shoot his back.

Jill Valentine primarily uses her dual VZ61 submachine guns as she effortlessly scurries throughout the environment. It's advised that one player attempts to keep her busy by throwing a flash grenade or the knife to stun her, then do a context-sensitive melee attack knocking her out temporarily. Despite her fondness for her submachine guns, she will still make use of her acrobatic abilities to attack the player should they get close enough.

Should the player manage to do enough damage, or if the seven minutes run out, Wesker leaves and the current battle ends. Though if the player manages to beat Wesker by inflicting too much damage, a unique treasure is then dropped within the area.

Jill Valentine Part II

Once Albert Wesker has left, he then leaves it to the still brainwashed Jill Valentine to finish Chris & Sheva after revealing the device on her chest that is the source of her behaviour. Jill functions much like she did during the previous battle against her and Wesker. She will scurry around almost like a wild animal--she will even hiss on occasion--while using her submachine guns and her athletic melee attacks to kill the player.

The player is a still not to kill Jill and must now attempt to use Chris' voice to 'awaken' Jill by using the A/X (default 360/PS3 controls) while avoiding her attacks; should the player be playing as Sheva in single-player, pressing A/X will still automatically have Chris call out to Jill. Once Chris manages to temporarily get through to her, the device begins to malfunction giving the players time to try and rip the device off. Though when this happens, the player is given two possible choices on how to respond: The player can either use a melee attack, knocking Jill to the ground, and then attempt to pull off the device that way, or one player (or the AI) can grab a hold of Jill while the other player (or AI) can attempt to rip the device off.

The first option is more effective and will require less tries, though tearing off the device by using the second option will award the player with a trophy/achievement.

Uroboros Aheri

What was once the beautiful Excella Gionne, Albert Wesker's betrayal has forced her to become a monstrously huge Uroboros creature. After absorbing a small mount of corpses, the third encounter with Uroboros quickly grows to the entire size of the ship cruiser. At first Chris & Sheva retreat back into the ship during a small QTE sequence; once they arrive back inside the ship, the players only interaction with Uroboros is by avoiding its many surprise attacks.

Eventually they reach the back of the ship, and along with a portable Ion Cannon weapon do battle with the monster. First the player is to shoot the exposed bulbs, while avoiding its reactionary attacks via a button prompt, and after they've all been extinguished, the 'brain' of the creature is exposed giving players the opportunity to use the Ion Cannon to shoot at it. All the while, Aheri will continuously spawn small Uroboros monsters; they're relatively weak and should often be left as duty for the other player.

Albert Wesker Part II

Fighting near a runway, Chris & Sheva have finally caught up to Wesker and are planning to inject him with a serum that'll neutralize the virus that enhances his strength and agility. Wesker still uses the same sort of attacks as he did when fighting against him previously, though the tactics for beating him have changed. Now players are to turn off the lights so as to stay hidden from Wesker; using an RPG, they are to then shoot at Wesker, who will often grab a hold of it just before it hits him, then shoot the rocket, and finally attempt to inject the serum.

It usually takes around 3-4 tries before it's finally successful. Between each attempt, however, the player must find other rockets littered about the environment, and then the other player (or AI) must help reload it. After the first attempt, Wesker will then start throwing missiles at the player, but his usual array of attacks revolving around his enhanced agility are what fill out the most of his tactics.

A similar fight against Wesker also occurs at the end of the Lost in Nightmares story DLC that takes place during the flashback when Chris & Jill are exploring Ozwell E. Spencer's current residence. Though naturally he doesn't have any missiles to throw. Like the battle against both Wesker & Jill, this battle can either end two ways. Either the hidden timer will end, forcing the cutscene to trigger, or the player will be able to do enough damage that it will end prematurely. If players manage to beat Wesker by way of inflicting enough damage, they are awarded a trophy/achievement.

Albert Wesker Part III

The final battle located within a volcano - Wesker has now allowed a containment of Uroboros to meld with his DNA, only this time Uroboros actually agrees with its host's DNA. As such, Wesker has full control of his enhanced powers and abilities. His appearance is still altered, however, as the majority of his upper-body is enveloped in the traditional black tentacles that Uroboros is made of.

This fight goes through a small number of stages. First, the player is to run away until Chris & Sheva are inadvertently split up. One player is then forced to keep on running while the other must gain Wesker's attention from afar. Sheva will be running alongside a small pathway while Chris is further below. Whoever Wesker decides to follow it's up to the other to safeguard them while either: Sheva is attempting to climb back up after the floor before crumbled beneath her feet, or while Chris is attempting to move a boulder out of his way.

Then when both characters reunite, the player is to lead Wesker up to small hilltop. From there the ending battle begins. Players are intended to shoot Wesker in his heart-like orifice which is initially exposed within his back until after enough shoots will also become visible from his chest as well. Wesker attacks using his Uroboros arms as whips, while also attempting to grab players; should a player be grabbed, they'll need the assistance of their partner to escape.

To beat Wesker, players could simply follow the routine of shooting his 'heart'. However, once Wesker is stunned, player's can instead choose to run forward and initiate a QTE event showing Chris & Sheva stab at his 'heart' from both sides - eventually resulting in the player winning the battle. Wesker is then ultimately killed when the player shoots him with an RPG launcher via a button prompt during the following cutscene.


On Friday, December 5th, 2008 a demo for the game was put on XBLA for Japan. Included in the demo are two stages, Shanty Town and District, which can be played either on solo, or via offline or online Co-op play, which is a highlighted new feature in Resident Evil 5. With some clever snooping on the Internet, one would have been able to acquire the demo for the 360 version of the game. For those who patiently waited, the 360 demo was released on January 26 via the Xbox Live Marketplace being exclusive to Gold Xbox Live members for a week. It was released on PS3 via the Playstation Store a week later on February 2nd.


Resident Evil 5 requires a 5GB installation on the PS3, 6.8GB on the 360.

PlayStation 3 different version codes for savegame/DLC compatibility

  • Collector's Edition (North America, ESRB) BLUS 30287
  • Collector's Edition (Germany, USK) BLES 00485
  • Collector's Edition (UK, BBFC) BLES 00485
  • Regular Version (Asia) BLAS 50102
  • Regular Version (Australia, OFLC) BLES 00485
  • Regular Version (Europe, PEGI) BLES 00485
  • Regular Version (UK, BBFC) BLES 00485
  • Regular Version (Germany, USK) BLES 00485
  • Regular Version (North America, ESRB) BLUS 30270
  • Gold Edition (Germany, USK) BLES 00816

Versions of Resident Evil 5 with the same BLES/BLAS/BLUS code are compatible in terms of save game exchange, Trophy statistics and DLC compatibility. The list is incomplete.


Several unlockables can be achieved in Resident Evil 5, most if not all are gained when finishing the game once, and most of which are achieved by a separate shop system using points gained from performance in the story mode or Mercenaries at the end of the game. Points are then spent for several unlockables listed below.


All filters can be unlocked at the end of the game by purchasing them from the "Bonus Features" menu option for the cost of 0 points. Filters add to the visuals of the game in several different ways and can be accessed by the "Special Settings" menu option. Filters also work during cutscenes.

  • Filter (Default) - The way the game was original designed to look/no change.
  • Filter (Classic Horror) - Black and White.
  • Filter (Retro) - Adds a Sepia Effect which is reminiscent of old style movies.
  • Filter (Noise) - Adds a film grain effect.

The Mercenaries

Unlocked simply by completing the main game on any difficulty, The Mercenaries is a classic Resident Evil mini-game from Resident Evil 4. Based around arena combat, the player is to kill as many enemies as they can within the time limit; killing enemies within quick succession will start up a combo meter as well, which often lead to a substantial amount of points. Beginning with 2:00 minutes, the players can extend their time by locating the many time bonuses hidden throughout the map; any enemies killed via a melee attack will also reward the player with a 5 second bonus. Josh Stone acts as the announcer for both the beginning and ending of a Mercenaries match.

Leaderboards are available as well for players to show off their scores; filters can be set to allow players to see their overall ranking worldwide, or to see how well they've done compared against their friends.

One of the time bonuses in the Public Assembly map

For each of the different maps, there exist mini-bosses taken from the main game who will appear sporadically. Such examples would be The Executioner for The Public Assembly and Prison maps, to the Chainsaw Wielding Majini's for the Ship Deck map. Killing these foes gains the player a sizeable point bonus, as well a 100% chance to drop some added supplies, be it a first-aid spray or some ammunition. Once a player's health reaches the ''dying'' state, they are to tap the O/B (default PS3/360 controls) quickly so they can regenerate their health back to its minimum.

Once time has run out, the player is then scored from D to SS (SS requiring above 90K) based upon their performance, which is graded on not only how many overall enemies the player killed, but also how high their combo meter reached. Should the player die, however, they are not given any rank and must try again.

Mercenaries can also be played with a friend, via online, split-screen, or even system-link. With another player, they can still make use of the same list of characters and can both even play as the same one should they choose. Because there are now two players, one player cannot tap O/B to regenerate their health should they fall into the ''dying'' state, and will require the other player to heal them. Scores required to reach ranks are also doubled to account for the other player at hand as well.

Much like during the story, the player can use the O/B button's to call out for their ally, with various ad-libs depending on the situation. Each character has been fitted with their own unique dialogue as well - including Wesker, who will often shout out ''Useless!'' should the other player perish in a 2-player round.

Character unlocks:

Initially, only Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar in their default B.S.A.A. outfits are made available. However, should the player score an A rank (single player or multiplayer) on certain maps, they will unlock other characters to play as:

  • Jill (BSAA) is unlocked when finishing "Public Assembly" in The Mercenaries with an A ranking or higher either solo or cooperatively.
  • Wesker (Midnight) is unlocked when finishing "The Mines" in The Mercenaries with an A ranking or higher either solo or cooperatively.
  • Chris (Safari) is unlocked when finishing "The Village" in The Mercenaries with an A ranking or higher either solo or cooperatively.
  • Sheva (Clubbin') is unlocked when finishing "Ancient Ruins" in The Mercenaries with an A ranking or higher either solo or cooperatively.
  • Chris (S.T.A.R.S.) is unlocked when finishing "Experimental Facility" in The Mercenaries with an A ranking or higher either solo or cooperatively.
  • Sheva (Tribal) is unlocked when finishing "Missile Area" in The Mercenaries with an A ranking or higher either solo or cooperatively.
  • Jill (Battle Suit) is unlocked when finishing "Ship Deck" in The Mercenaries with an A ranking or higher either solo or cooperatively.
  • Wesker (S.T.A.R.S.) is unlocked when finishing "Prison" in The Mercenaries with an A ranking or higher either solo or cooperatively.


  • Public Assembly - Taken from story Chapter 1-2.
  • The Mines - Taken from story Chapter 2-2.
  • Village - Taken from story Chapter 3-2.
  • Ancient Ruins - Taken from story Chapter 4-1
  • Experimental Facility - Taken from story Chapter 5-2
  • Missile Area - Taken from story Chapter 6-2
  • Ship Deck - Taken from story Chapter 6-1
  • Prison - An all new environment built specifically for the Mercenaries mode.

Story Costumes

Costumes are different "skins" for each playable character in the storyline (Chris and Sheva) that change their appearance, all of which require beating the game once. When these requirements are met, they can be purchased from the "Bonus Features" menu option for the cost of 0, and can be activated in the "Special Settings" menu option. Costumes persist into the story cutscenes as well.

  • Sheva (Clubbin') - Is unlocked when the game is beaten once on any difficulty (all levels must be beaten).
  • Chris (Safari) - Is unlocked when the game is beaten once on any difficulty (all levels must be beaten).
  • Chris (S.T.A.R.S.): Is unlocked when the game is beaten once on any difficulty (all levels must be beaten) and when 25 out of 30 BSAA emblems are found.
  • Sheva (Tribal) - Is unlocked when the game is beaten once on any difficulty (all levels must be beaten) and when 30 out of 30 BSAA emblems are found.


Other than the weapons that can be acquired and bought through playing the story, there are a number of weapons that can be gained after finishing the game and fully upgrading each first generation weapon (the first type of weapon in its class). Fully upgrading any of the weapons can grant the player unlimited ammo from the "bonus features" screen, however the infinite rocket launcher requires a different means of achieving it.

Weapon Unlocks

  • M93R Pistol Can be purchased by fully upgrading the 9M2 pistol
  • Hydra Triple Barrel Shotgun can be purchased by fully upgrading the Ithaca M37 Shotgun
  • Longbow (Sheva Only) can be purchased by fully upgrading the S75 Rifle, by outset it has infinite ammo
  • Gatling Gun (Chris Only) can be purchased by fully upgrading the VZ61, by outset it has infinite ammo
  • S&W M500 A.K.A Handcannon can be purchased by fully upgrading the S&W M29 Magnum

Infinite Ammo

  • All weapons short of the rocket launcher and the grenade launcher can receive infinite ammo by fully upgrading the weapon of choice and purchasing the infinite ammo feature for the player's gun of choice in the "bonus features" menu option. IMPORTANT: For infinite ammo to be turned on, one must access the "Special Settings" option and activate infinite ammo, on top of that they also must play "New Game " with the option of allowing infinite ammo weapons.
  • The infinite rocket launcher can be achieved by beating the game in under 5 hours cumulatively. Meaning that it does not matter what order the levels are played in. As long as the combined total is under 5 hours, players receive the weapon. The player must have a rocket launcher to receive its benefits.

Unattainable Weapons

There are two handguns available for specific characters in The Mercenaries and Versus' modes that can't be found in the main game.

  • Samurai Edge is the S.T.A.R.S. custom pistol that Wesker (S.T.A.R.S.) has available in The Mercenaries & Versus. Barry (S.T.A.R.S.) also has it available in the Mercenaries Reunion mode.
  • PX4 is Jill's (B.S.A.A) unique pistol that can be used in The Mercenaries & Versus.


Files are unlocked when finishing chapters throughout the game. There are 12 chapters in all, and by the time players finish the story mode, they will have unlocked all 12 files. These files are biographies, histories, and documents about the game's fiction including topics such as the origin of Umbrella corporation, Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA), Biological Organic Weapons (BOWs), S.T.A.R.S., the previous protagonist and heroines, group of eleven and so forth.

Downloadable Content

The Versus pack was released soon after the game's initial launch. It features two game types: Slayers Mode, which is a "point-based game that challenges players to kill Majinis," while Survivors Mode is the game's take on deathmatch. 1v1 or 2v2 is available for both game types. The games are essentially the classic Mercenaries modes with team-based gameplay. The Slayers game mode lets players earn points for killing Majinis and other creatures. The Survivors mode pits players against each other and they earn points for getting kills. While Majinis and other creatures will be present in this mode as well, players do not get points for killing them. Versus is the least popular of the DLC, given that RE5's control scheme does not lend itself well to deathmatch. It costs around $5 on both XBox Live Marketplace and the Playstation Network.

Chris and Jill

The Lost in Nightmares DLC is a 1-2 hour mini-campaign, playable in singleplayer or co-op, in which the game cannot be saved, and items from the main campaign are not transferable. Lost in Nightmares lets players play through the BSAA mission glimpsed in flashback during the main campaign, set in 2005 (three years before Resident Evil 5's story occurs), in which Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine infiltrate a mansion to locate Ozwell E. Spencer, the founder of the sinister Umbrella Corporation. The mini-campaign is deliberately reminiscent of the original Resident Evil, with a copy of the famous Keeper's Diary found in a bedroom, and the recreation of several puzzles from that game, right down to the camera switching to a first-person perspective as the player opens and walks through a door. Lost in Nightmares focuses heavily on puzzles over combat, with only one type of enemy encountered, a new creature called the Guardian of Insanity, which is similar to the Executioner from Resident Evil 5's campaign. However, several of them are encountered, and the mini-campaign does conclude with Jill and Chris fighting the ill-fated boss encounter with Wesker depicted in the flashback. Lost in Nightmares costs $5 on both XBox Live Marketplace and the Playstation network.

Josh Stone

The Desperate Escape DLC is another 1-2 hour mini-campaign, this time focusing on the actions of Jill Valentine and Josh Stone immediately after the boss fight against a mind-controlled Jill. Jill and Josh must flee the TriCell Facility while Chris and Sheva pursue Wesker. Unlike Lost in Nightmares, Desperate Escape focuses almost entirely on combat, with players constantly being ambushed by Majini of all varieties, as they make their way across the all-new levels. It ends with a last stand, where Jill and Josh must defend themselves until a rescue helicopter comes to save them. This explains how they got their hands on one in time for the main campaign's finale. Like Versus and Lost in Nightmares, Desperate Escape is playable in singleplayer or co-op, splitscreen or online, and costs $5 on Playstation Network or XBox Live Marketplace.

The game became available for purchase on February 16, 2010 on the Xbox Live platform Games on Demand for $29.99 USD. All three DLC packs will be included in the new Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition, to be released in mid-March, 2010.

Mercenaries Reunion

A remix of the original Mercenaries minigame from Resident Evil 4 & Resident Evil 5, Reunion is first made available should the player purchase the Lost in Nightmares pack or Desperate Escape pack, and is also packed within the Gold Edition of Resident Evil 5. All of the available characters are packed in as well, however should the player only purchase Lost in Nightmares or Desperate Escape, the roster list is cut in half. Because Reunion is a separate mode from the default Mercenaries mode, each set of characters is exclusive to each mode, disallowing the option for having Barry Burton and Albert Wesker team up in 2-player for example.

Because the roles of Josh and Jill have been reversed (Josh now being playable while Jill is not), Jill is the announcer for Mercenaries Reunion.

Characters - Lost in Nightmare Unlocks

  • Chris Redfield (Warrior)
  • Sheva Alomar (Fairy Tale)
  • Barry Burton (S.T.A.R.S.)
  • Excella Gionne (TriCell)

Characters - Desperate Escape Unlocks

  • Chris Redfield (Heavy Metal)
  • Sheva Alomar (Business Lady)
  • Rebecca Chambers (S.T.A.R.S.)
  • Josh Stone (B.S.A.A.)


Reunion features all of the same maps from the original mode. However, each map has been 'remixed', with different placements for the time bonuses, a new musical theme, and even new enemies have been included - such as the infected Doberman dogs that are now found in The Mines map.


  • The face of Sheva was scanned from Australian actress Michelle Van Der Water.
  • The infested in RE5 are called the Majini, which means "evil spirit" in Swahili.
  • In this game, Jill coincidentally bears a somewhat close resemblance to Fiona, the protagonist of the Capcom game Haunting Ground .
  • The game was in development for 3 and a half years and approximately 121 people worked on the project .
  • Sheva is the first left-handed playable character in the Resident Evil franchise, and the camera is positioned over her left shoulder to compensate; in addition, her HUD is horizontally flipped from the other characters'. The reason for this is to create a more pleasing visual when playing the game in co-op split-screen mode.
  • Chris Redfield's voice actor in RE5, Roger Craig Smith, also voiced antagonist Curtis Miller from the straight-to-DVD RE feature flick Resident Evil: Degeneration.


Japanese CoverUS and European Cover

The original score for Resident Evil 5 was composed by Kota Suzuki and Wataru Hokoyama and was released under an impressive 3 full-length CD edition.

CD 1

Track #Song TitleRunning Time
Title Movie
Opening - Chris' Arrival (original version)
Item Box
New Fear
Magic Act
The Butcher
The Town
First Encounter
Majini I
Majini II
Game Over
Damsel In Distress
Majini III
A Piece of the Puzzle
Unindentified Threat
An Emergency (digital version)
The Storage Facility
The Ripper
The Crisis - Reinforcements Arrive
Voices of the Darkness
Terror from Above
Flying Nightmare
Pursuer and the Pursued
Shaking off the Majini
Grand Resurgence
Burning with Anger
Delta Team's Distress - New Decision
Shadows of the Past
Eerie Stillness
Majini IV

CD 2

Track #Song TitleRunning Time
Majini V
Unite But
Too Late
Get Out!
Majini's Trap I
The Patrol Boat
Evil Mutation
A New Clue
Ancient Noise
Majini VI
Majini's Trap II
Excella and Wesker
Underground Garden
The Claw
Huge Facility - and Then
Gigantic Attack
The Enigma
Majini VII
Haze of Horror
The Mask
Two On Two
Old Friends, New Enemies
Sad but True
The Tanker

CD 3

Track #Song TitleRunning Time
Majini VIII
Shot or Death
A New Nightmare Begins
Fragments of Fears
The Sign
A Big Despair (digital version)
Majini IX - In Flames
Wind of Madness (digital version)
The Vulnerability
Sky-High Skirmish
The Final Curtain
Deep Ambition (digital version)
Homeward Bound!
Pray - Theme Song (original version)
Plan of Uroboros (digital version)
Assault Fire
Dreamy Loops
On the Bass
Rust In Summer 2008
Do You Challenge Again

PC System Requirements


  • Minimum: Intel Pentium D Processor or AMD Athlon64 X2.
  • Recommended: Intel Core 2 Quad Processor or AMD Phenom X4

Video card

  • Minimum: 256MB VRAM; DirectX9.0c/Shader 3.0; NVIDIA GeForce 6800 series or ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro.
  • Recommended: 512MB VRAM; NVIDIA GeForce 9800 series or ATI Radeon HD 4800 series.


  • Minimum: 512MB if on Windows XP, 1GB in Windows Vista.
  • Recommended: 1GB if on Windows XP, 2GB in Windows Vista.

Interface: Keyboard and mouse, or gamepad (Xbox 360 controller recommended).

Hard drive: 8GB

Internet: Broadband recommended for online modes.

Operating system

  • Minimum: Windows XP.
  • Recommended: Windows Vista.

Sound card: DirectSound Compatible (DirectX9.0c or higher).