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OverviewShin Sangoku Musou 7 (

Dynasty Warriors 8 ) is the latest upcoming entry in the Dynasty Warriors series. The game will feature the largest playable roster in the series to date with new and returning characters, as well as the return of the Jin faction first introduced in Dynasty Warriors 7.

New Characters

In addition to the brand new characters listed below, Dynasty Warriors 8 will retain characters added to Dynasty Warriors 7's Xtreme Legends and Empires expansions, such as Wei's Guo Jia and Shu's Xu Shu.


Yue Jin

  • Weapon: Twin Hookswords
  • General who served under Cao Cao since very early on, he is recognized as one of Wei's Five Generals, along with Zhang Liao, Zhang He, Xu Huang, and Yu Jin.

Li Dian

  • Weapon: Wheel Halberd
  • General who served Cao Cao and Wei since its earliest years, known for his calmness and being scholarly. Made up one-third of the trio that defended Hefei from the massive Wu army, along with Zhang Liao and Yue Jin.


Lu Su

  • Weapon: Rake
  • An adviser of Wu ho was instrumental in the alliance between Wu and Shu and matters concerning Jing Province.

Han Dang

  • Weapon: Short Ji
  • Veteran general of Wu, serving Sun Jian, Sun Ce, and Sun Quan.


Guan Xing

  • Weapon: Wing Blades
  • Second son of Guan Yu who survived Fan Castle and went on to avenge his father's death alongside Zhang Bao.

Zhang Bao

  • Weapon: Snake Blade
  • Song of Zhang Fei and an oath brother to Guan Xing. Along with Xing, avenged his father's death and was a key player in Zhuge LIang's quelling of the Nanman rebellion.

Guan Yinping

  • Weapon: Double-sided Mace
  • Daughter of Guan Yu and younger sister of Guan Ping, Guan Xing, and Guan Suo.


Zhang Chunhua

  • Weapon: Wire Claws
  • Wife of Sima Yi.

Jia Chong

  • Weapon: Tomahawk
  • Close ally of Sima Zhao.

Wen Yang

  • Weapon: Javelin
  • Great warrior compared to Zhao Yun.