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Game - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters EDIT  




The turtles have been challenged by


, but in order to fight him, they decide to have a tournament between themselves to see who is ready for the encounter.


A tournament has been organized and fighters from all over have entered, Shredder of course being one of them. The turtles decide to enter the tournament in order to stop Shredder and prove their strength in battle.


Master Splinter

is kidnapped by four purple turtles. When the real turtles find out,


appears and tells the turtles that he has Splinter with him and that the only way to rescue him is to go to Dimension X and meet Krang.

One of the unique features of the SNES version was the different turbo speeds. At the highest setting, this game was faster than street fighter II turbo at the highest setting.


Endings (NES)


The endings on the NES version are basically the same for all four of the turtles. The only difference is the portrait of the turtle which you used to beat the game. In the ending the winning turtle accuses Shredder of being up to one of his lousy tricks. Shredder says you have not seen the last of him, he then gets up and runs off screen. Splinter comes floating into the screen, drops down in front of the turtle and says "You have performed well my sons. Now let us celebrate our victory."

Endings (SNES)


Raphael Raphael Raphael gives his thanks to Splinter and April by giving them a pile of gifts. Raphael then tells them he is happy to have friends as good as they are.
Michelangelo Michelangelo  Michelangelo decides to take a vacation in the Bahamas to do some surfing, then invites the other turtles to come along.
Leonardo Leonardo  Leonardo says his daily training has paid off, and now he must set new goals and set out to achieve those goals. Leonardo then goes right back into his training.
Donatello Donatello Donatello goes back to working on his latest invention which then blows up. He then says he might have some money left over to start a new invention.
Aska Aska Aska is happy to be able to finally realize her dream of teaching younger people in the ways of Ninjitsu. The then exclaims she will have the best dojo in the entire world.
Shredder Shredder Shredder says he knew he would win the tournament and that he has defeated the turtles for the last time. He now has his sights set on conquering Earth.
War War War exclaims that he won and that has shown the other fighters not to mess with an intergalactic life form.
Armaggon Armaggon Armaggon exclaims that it is only natural that he won the tournament and that he is the strongest living being on the planet and must now conquer it.
Wingnut Wingnut Wingnut only entered the tournament to pound some heads. He pounded everyone else and ended up winning and now will be able to waste even more money.
Chrome Dome Chrome Chrome Dome now has the money to purchase the necessary computers in order to extract his faulty program. He will finally be able to exist in peace..Weapon: SaiSpecial Attacks
  • Chest Buster - Hold back for a second then press forward+A or B
  • Jamboree - Back, Down+Back, Down, Down+Forward, Forward+X or Y 
  • Power Drill - Hold Back for a second then press forward+X or Y
Ultimate Attack Move
  • Energy Spray - X+A When the ultimate attack gauge is full

Critical Reception

Electronic Gaming Monthly gave the SNES version review scores of 9,8,9 and 9 out of ten.   Ed Semrad wrote, "This has got to be one of the best fighting games next to Street Fighter 2, (and in some cases better than SF2).   The voices are crisp and clear, plus the control is absolutely wonderful!   Another factor that I truly like is the story mode set up with dialog boxes unraveling the whole plot!   There are plenty of combos that will get you going!   Another great hit from the pros at Konami".

Hidden Characters


SNES version: At the title screen if you press (on controller 2)


SNES version: At the title screen if you press (on controller 2) "X, Up, Y, Left, B, Down, A, Right, X, Up"

If entered correctly you will hear a voice say "yatta" which means you entered the code correctly. To choose one of the hidden characters they are hidden to the left of Shredder.

CharacterCharacter Alt.   Rat
Rat King   Rat Rat King Alt   Karai
Karai Karai Alt