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Killing Time is a single player only, first person shooter from the mid-1990s. It was initially released on the 3DO system by Studio 3DO. Sales were not as high as expected, and so it was released on other formats too. The PC and Mac version were not a port of the 3DO version but remade from scratch.


Tess ConwayThe Conway Estate

Matinicus Island,1932. Tess Conway is a great collector of ancient Egyptian antiquities and she has come into the possession of an ancient Water Clock. With the help of Byron they plan to make use of its rumoured power to satisfy Tess's desire for eternal youth. Duncan becomes suspicious and does not want to be left out. Tess and all her associates disappeared soon after under mysterious circumstances. The player takes the role of an Egyptology student that decides to embark on a journey to the Conway Estate to track down the Water Clock and investigate the disappearances.


"Help Me"Where the hell am I?

The gameplay is very much in the style of Doom and other shooters of its ilk. The labyrinthine rooms and corridors are traversed in order to collect weapons, ammunition, special items and keys. The 3DO version has a good map system that greatly helps in figuring out where to go next. Unlike Doom, all the areas in this game are interconnected into a continuous exploration of the estate. Cleared areas can be revisited, and sometimes this is necessary in order to get to previously inaccessible areas. The story unfolds in the form of video clips integrated into the environment that you explore. A ghostlike blue icon representing the character of Tess indicates where video clips are and they can be played back multiple times at the convenience of the player. The player can stop the playback of a particular clip by just walking away at any time. Sometimes hints and help can be derived from what transpires in a given scene. For example, the seven-year-old girl Angela Conway has a love of riddles. Upon meeting her, she may deliver a riddle that may ultimately help the player's progress.


The following weapons are featured in the game and are what you would expect from any Doom-type shooter

  • .45 Caliber Nickel-Plated Colt "Peacemaker" Revolver
  • Dual Revolvers
  • 1931 Remington 12 Gauge Pump Model 870 Shotgun
  • 1917 Kleinschmidt Flamethrower
  • 1928 Thompson .45 Caliber Sub Machine Gun (or "Tommy" Gun)
  • Crowbar
  • Molotov Cocktails
  • Ankh ( BFG equivalent)


A lot of the enemies featured in this game are digitised actors in costume, much like the main characters that feature in the frequent video clips embedded in the environment that you explore. There are also plenty of non-human enemies such as ducks, wasps, Sewer Blobs etc.

A demented Housemaid that shouts "Housekeeping" while flinging punches at youCreepy looking clowns
Psychopathic ChefsDucks will alert nearby gun-toting Gamekeepers to your presence by repeatedly quacking


Tess Conway (played by Lise Bruneau) Born in Boston, Tess is well educated and sharp tongued but also vain and impulsive. She is the sole heir to the huge Conway fortune, and resides in the Conway Estate on the island of Matinicus. She has lately become interested in the occult and ancient Egypt and frequently seeks information and advice from Byron. She despises the thought of growing old and would do anything to halt the aging process.
Duncan DeVries (played by Eric Flom) Born in Baltimore , Duncan is a shallow but ambitious bootlegger. Wherever Duncan goes, trouble is not far behind him. His ambition has lead him to Tess. He wants her wealth and her love. He hopes to charm his way to the Conway fortune. He strings Lydia along making her think he is interested in her but he only uses her for practice. He suspects that Byron and Tess are up to something and he plans to find out, especially if it can benefit him. His only real friend is his Thug sidekick Mike - but he puts his own ambition above any friendship and would sacrifice Mike in a heartbeat if it meant furthering his plans.
Lydia Tewkesbury (played by Paula Sonnenberg) Like Tess she was also born in Boston . She went to Radcliffe with Tess and met Byron in Cambridge. Always living in Tess's shadow, she cannot match up to her intellect. Lydia likes to drink too much and is quick to anger. She likes to be the centre of attention, especially when Tess isn't around. She mistakenly thinks Duncan can be wooed away from Tess. She regards the butler, Robert as a favourite uncle. She treats Byron like a brother and makes fun of Mike, flirting with him only for practice.
Angela Conway (played by Ashley Penrod) Seven-year-old Angela was born in Newport Beach, Rhode Island . Tess's niece loves to recite old English riddles taught to her by her grandmother. She is well liked but people tend to forget she's in the room. She knows a lot about the Conway Estate and its mysterious grounds as a result.
Byron Flemming (played by Colin Thomson) Byron is of German descent, but lives in New York . A nervous but amiable fellow, Byron is infatuated with Tess but knows he doesn't have a chance with her. He tries to use his expertise in Egyptology to win Tess's affections. He is very wary but jealous of Duncan and can't understand what Tess sees in him. He tries to impress Lydia with his intellect, but she finds him boring and innocuous. He gets on very well with Robert the butler and considers him a true gentleman.
Mike Murphy (played by Tim Flanagan) From Baltimore, Mike was hired by Duncan as a security man. He guards the estate and the various contraband that Duncan brings in. He is under the delusion that Duncan may eventually make him rich. He admires Tess's class but doesn't know what to make of her intellect. He does not like Robert the butler at all, and thinks Byron is a complete wimp. He is attracted to Lydia, but doesn't realise that she has no real interest in him.
Robert Kenilworth (played by Edward Sarafian) A traditional English butler, he has been in the Conway's service for 20 years. He has helped raise and look after Tess since she was a child, but is distressed with Tess for bringing in shady characters such as Duncan and Mike to the estate. He is very knowledgeable about the estate residents, guests, and history. He likes Lydia and covers for her to keep her out of trouble with Tess. He and Byron hold each other in very high regard and considers Byron a part of the family.