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The mascot of the Destructoid blog has appeared in multiple games, often as an unlockable character, skin, or clothing piece.

Career Beginnings

Mr.Destructoid had his first role in a game as an unlockable character in the Xbox Live arcade game Bomberman: Live, he then appeared in PixelJam's Dino Run as an unlockable helmet, achievable by entering the password 'totinos' into the cheats menu.


Later on in life, in 2008, Mr. Destructoid was included in Eternity's Child but was later removed amidst controversy of an extremely poor review on the Destructoid site.

Bouncing Back

As of February 2011, Mr. Destructoid has also appeared in games such as Bomberman Ultra, Raskulls, Bitejacker, BurgerTime World Tour and The Blocks Cometh. He is set to appear as an unlockable hat in the upcoming sandbox game Retro City Rampage.