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BMX XXX began its life in the Dave Mirra BMX game franchise. However, once Mirra became aware of the game's content, he opted to drop his endorsement and also sue the game's makers as well. Although Acclaim would proceed to release the game anyway, it got a mostly poor reception because of its heavy use of sexuality to attract attention to itself. Players can create topless female bikers, however, the ability to make topless female riders is locked at first and it is difficult to unlock. Players can also unlock videos of strippers as they moved through the games' levels, which were full of hookers and humping dogs. The videos themselves featured very little nudity.


While the Xbox and GameCube editions remained uncensored, the PlayStation 2 version of the title covered up nudity with censor bars. The circumstances were unusual at the time, as Nintendo had a precedence during previous hardware generations to have games on its consoles censored, whereas Sony and other competitors typically didn't intervene with their systems' versions. It was suggested that Sony intervened in order to keep the game from being banned from retailers such as Walmart who refuse to stock material with "adult" content; however, these retailers still refused to stock the PlayStation 2 version of the game, edits or none.


The soundtrack featured a mix of punk, hip-hop, and metal. Many of the songs' themes revolve around women in some way, keeping with the theme of the game.

  • Green Day: "Basket Case"
  • N.E.R.D.: "Lapdance"
  • Saliva: "Click Click Boom"
  • Alien Breed: "Crackling" and "Evil Twin"
  • Taking Back Sunday: "Cute Without the 'E' (Cut From The Team)"
  • Sublime: "Date Rape"
  • 311: "Down"
  • TrustCompany: "Downfall"
  • Motley Crue: "Girls, Girls, Girls"
  • Ten Foot Pole: "Plastic" and "Giving Gravity a Hand"
  • De La Soul: "The Magic Number"
  • New Found Glory: "My Friends Over You"
  • KRS One: "Step Into A World (Rapture's Delight)"
  • Brand New Sin: "Judgment Day" and "SPP"
  • Audiovent: "The Energy"
  • Eric B. and Rakim: "Juice (Know The Ledge)"
  • Large Professor: "Bout That Time"


The ESRB rated the game Mature for Comic Mischief, Nudity, Strong Language, and Strong Sexual Content.