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"J.B. Harold: Murder Club" is the first entry in a noir adventure game series from the creators of Hotel Dusk and Trace Memory.
1989June 30, 1989


J.B. Harold: Murder Club, sometimes as released as simply Murder Club or Final Murder Club, is a menu-driven adventure game from the creator of Hotel Dusk and Trace Memory, Rika Suzuki. It is the first in a series of murder mystery adventure games starring the titular detective.

The game was initially released on the Japanese MSX system in 1988 (though some reports say it was earlier, in 1986). It was then released on the Famicom in Japan only as Murder Club. Eventually, a 1991 PC DOS version and a Turbografx-CD version - each with imrpoved graphics - were released in Japan and the US both. Both versions are known by the title J.B. Harold: Murder Club in the US. The game would then be released again some years later along with some of its sequels as graphically remastered DS games, though these were Japan-only releases.