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Orion: Dino Horde is a sci-fi first person shooter developed by Spiral Game Studios for Steam. The main game mode is a wave based survival, or horde mode, but there is also a competitive arena mode. The game features 3 playable classes for the humans, and two playable Dinosaurs. As a good gesture for owners of Spiral Game's poorly received ORION: Dino Beatdown from 2012, those who have the previous game on Steam received Dino Horde for free.

Game Modes


A horde mode in which players must protect a generator from increasingly difficult waves of Dinosaurs. After every ten waves the players must then travel to an outpost somewhere else in the map, capture it, and return to the generator.

T.Rex Rampage

A PvP objective based game mode that features humans vs dinosaurs. The human team must steal 3 T.Rex eggs from different points on the map and bring them back to their base. The Dino team must protect those eggs while trying to kill the humans who have a limited amount of lives.



The Assault class has a jet pack that can be used to reach the tops of buildings or the hover over hordes of Dinos and deal damage. The starting assault weapons are a 3 round burst rifle and frag grenades.


The Support class has a Medic Gun that can heal other players health and shields. Its starting gear is a shotgun and smoke grenades.


The Recon class has the ability to turn invisible for a short amount of time. allowing to sneak by Dinos. The Recons starting gear is a silenced pistol and stun grenades.

Dino Classes


The T.Rex and Spino classes are playable Dinosaurs that can either "Chomp" players or throw rocks at them.



The game has seen many issues before and during its release. Starting with the supposed "Kickstarter" Scam where in lead Dev David Prassel got $20,000 in donations then fired his entire team without warning leaving many of them in dire states.

Going on many of the employees where pushed to the breaking point to make dead lines, including a report of one even passing out from overwork.

This is also added to the claims of art assets and even entire models being stolen from other games including Natural Selection 2, and Primal carnage.