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Despite its title and similar theme, developer Grasshopper Manufacture made clear that Killer is Dead is not a sequel to Suda 51's GameCube/PlayStation 2 game Killer 7. The game is launching in Summer 2013 across the globe with XSEED publishing in North America and Deep Silver publishing in PAL territories.


Initial reports falsely suggested that the main character would be a prisoner sentenced to death who's out to kill his executioner. A proper translation from the Famitsu magazine reveal tells us that the main character's profession is called "Executioner" and he travels the world in order to take out "S-level criminals". In the interview featured in the magazine, Suda revealed that the protagonist is fighting to protect someone which plays into the theme of love that is set to be important in the game's story. The enemies the players fight somehow relate to the moon which is another key part of the game. However the game apparently is not science fiction but instead is set in an enhanced modern reality.


In terms of gameplay, the Famitsu report suggests sword action akin to what we saw in the No More Heroes games but it will also feature new gameplay systems.


Development of the game started in Spring 2011 while the planning originally started as far back as 2009. Yoshimi Yasuda is executive producing the game and Suda 51 is executive director and scenario writer.