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This game originally entered development as an unofficial videogame tie-in to the Ghostbusters franchise, but developer ZootFly ran into unexpected trouble when trying to acquire the license, because an official game by a different developer, Ghostbusters: The Video Game, was secretly in the works. Because they couldn't proceed with their Ghostbusters title, the game was reworked into an original setting, now called TimeO, of an unknown pronunciation.

TimeO is about two New Yorkers who accidentally find a way to travel into another world; although their surroundings look exactly like New York City, it is in reality an impossibly powerful, incredibly massive war machine, capable of separating into smaller segments to try to deal with our heroes, but building up its power so that it can send itself in its entirety through to our world, where it will be unstoppable in its quest to destroy everything we know. It seems likely that TimeO will have a focus on co-operation between the two New Yorkers as they fight armies of mechanical spiders and tiny flying eyes, with larger segments of the war machine serving as bosses in the form of entire buildings come to life.

The game's official website can be found at http://www.timeogame.com/