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White Day Meaning


WhiteDay: A Labyrinth Named School (Korean: 화이트 데이: 학교라는 이름의 미궁) is a Korean survival horror game for PC.

In South Korea, Valentine's Day is usually considered as the day when girls give chocolates to boys whom they like or have affections for. A month later Valentine's Day, March 14th, is a day called "White Day" when it is guys' turn to show their appreciations to girls. Candy gifts are usually given to girls but chocolates are also acceptable. The game's premise is about a high school kid who tries to surprise his crush by leaving a gift on her desk the night before, which is why the name of the game is "White Day: A Labyrinth Named School."

White Day Written in Korean

Soundtrack Controversy

The game was infamous for having an incredibly atmospheric soundtrack. One particular soundtrack is called "Labyrinth"(미궁) and it was played by a traditional instrument called ga-ya-gum(가야금). The artist's name is Hwang Byung Gi(황병기) and he did come out and say that while he was performing the song live, a woman screamed and left the building in fear. The rumor spread over the internet and people started saying that a woman committed a suicide after listening to the song, though there is no proof that such thing actually happened.