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Titanfall is a single and multi-player first person shooter in a futuristic setting filled with Mech-suits and Spaceships. It is created by Respawn Entertainment, a company founded by former Infinity Ward heads Jason West and Vince Zampella.

Single Player

The story appears to be centered around a member of a roaming space fleet caught far from home. Through exploration, scavenging and salvage, the fleet seeks a new home for itself but encounters opposition from enemies with similar intents.


Multi-player provides traditional matches between two opposing teams. Players start the match on foot and, as they complete objective's or earn kills are eventually able to have their mech dropped into the match.

XP is earned for what you do in the match with the point value popping up on screen with each kill and objective completion.

Players on foot are not completely vulnerable to mechs as they can be armed with heavy weapons such as rocket launchers.