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Kaboom! appeared in many Atari iterations, but was probably most popular in it's its 2600 iteration. It was one of only a handful of games to make genuinely good use of the 2600's paddle controller, as the player controlled a bucket, horizontally, across the screen in a bid to extinguish the fuses of the dropping bombs. With a gameplay style somewhat similar to Breakout, but one generally considered superior to Atari's 2600 conversions of the arcade hit.

Like all activision Activision releases of this era, the box, manual and cartridge label all featured the name of the designer of that particular game. In this case, Larry Kaplan.

Flipping the difficulty switch on the Atari 2600 version of the game gives players smaller buckets. When combined with the somewhat jittery nature of that platform's paddle controller, this made the game significantly harder.