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Inazuma Eleven GO follows Matsukaze Tenma, a new student to Raimon Junior High School, ten years after the events of Inazuma Eleven 3. After joining the famous soccer club, he discovers that middle school soccer across japan has been corrupted by an organization known as Fifth Sector. After Raimon's victory in the Footbal Frontier International championship, Soccer became the bar by which schools were judged. Fifth Sector took control of middle school soccer in order to distribute victories to schools with different merits, or who may not have ever won a soccer game. Despite set scores telling them to lose, Tenma convinces Raimon's captain, Shindou Takuto, to score a goal that the team was not supposed to make, causing the school to fire Coach Kudou, who had been resisting Fifth Sector throughout his 10 year tenure at Raimon. After Fifth Sector's servers are hacked, Endou Mamoru returns as a coach, and the team begins to resist Fifth Sector, eventually meeting with a larger underground movement.