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One day, as Wario went out for a stroll, he came across Bomberman's world which he began to pillage in hopes of becoming rich. Only Bomberman can stop Wario's greedy and evil plans!


one of the many levels in Wario Blast

The game's object is almost the same as the original Bomberman: Destroy obstacles via the use of bombs to advance on to the next level. The entire game has an eagle-eye perspective. The player maneuvers around a grid-like playing field, setting off bombs to blow up unsuspecting enemies, and destroy walls for the occasional power-up. After playing three rounds, the player with the most enemies destroyed advances. The player can choose to play as either Bomberman or Wario, but this changes game play very minimally. The player often fights against multiple Bombermen at once.

Super Game Boy Features

Playing this title through a Super Game Boy accessory grants access to a multiplayer mode. When starting a new game, a "Battle" option appears in the menu. From there up to four players, with a Super Multitap accessory, can play a traditional Bomberman battle mode. Each player can choose to be Bomberman or Wario.

The game also has a window border and enhanced sound effects when played through the Super Game Boy accessory.