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Game - Resident Evil 3: Nemesis EDIT  
The game follows Resident Evil's Jill Valentine trying to escape the zombie infected Raccoon City while being stalked by the Umbrella Super Bio Weapon, Nemesis.


Taking place once again in the zombie infested town of Raccoon City, players take control as Jill Valentine as she tries to escape the oncoming hordes of undead monsters. The game begins one day before the events of Resident Evil 2, eventually surpassing them and extending into the day after.

This time the player finds themselves traversing a substantial portion of Raccoon City itself while also taking a few short trips to locales made famous from RE2, such as the R.P.D. (Raccoon Police Station). Throughout the game, Jill is hunted by the Umbrella corporation's latest B.O.W., and title character, Nemesis. Similar to the T-103 in RE2, the Nemesis will appear at scripted occasions during the story and will relentlessly try to kill Jill Valentine. Unlike the T-103, Nemesis can follow Jill through rooms and sometimes even comes equipped with his own unique Rocket Launcher. To aid her in her fight, Jill meets a soldier and member of the U.B.C.S. (Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service), Carlos Oliveira.


PlayStation - The standard version of the game. Whereas the first two games had separate editions for DualShock controls, the standard version of Resident Evil 3 came with DualShock controls by default.

PC - While it has higher resolution character models, the backgrounds are lower resolution and so are the cutscenes. This version allowed the player to pick Jill's costumes from the New Game option and featured two new costumes. It also had the Mercenaries mode unlocked at the main menu from the start.

Dreamcast - Often considered the best version of the game. It features high resolution character models and backgrounds. The cutscenes are in high resolution. Like the PC version, the player is able to play Mercenaries mode immediately and also pick Jill's costumes immediately. Like Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil: CODE: Veronica on Dreamcast, the VMU displays the character's health.

GameCube - Technically, the game is a port of the PlayStation version, which doesn't have any content unlocked from the start. It does, however, have the high resolution character models and backgrounds like the Dreamcast version.


Resident Evil 3 largely plays much like its predecessors Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2. Fitted with the notorious 'tank controls' the series became known for pre-Revelations/RE6, players are forced to stay stuck on the spot when attempting to shoot. Resident Evil 3 is also once again split up between a mixture of combating B.O.W.s, exploration and puzzles.

Like Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3 offers up two distinct difficulty settings, 'Easy' and 'Hard', with no in-between. The differences are significantly more drastic than between the 'Rookie' and 'Normal' modes in RE2, however. In Easy mode, players start off with an M4A1 Assault Rifle (which is otherwise inaccessible besides as an unlockable in Hard mode), and located within the first inventory box players find in the Warehouse save room is a hefty selection of the game's weaponry, with a large portion of spare ammunition to go along with them. The player's default inventory is also increased from the eight slots in Hard mode to ten (eventually maximising at 12 during the story), which functions across both the main game and the unlockable Mercenaries minigame.

When playing on Easy Mode, however, players cannot acquire the Nemesis rewards for beating him, and the Mine Thrower weapon is removed entirely.

Despite the numerous similarities to previous games, Resident Evil 3 did introduce many new gameplay elements to the series; some of which are exclusive to this entry, and others that have become staples of the RE formula:

  • 180° turn - By hitting back and the run button at the same time, Jill will do a swift 180 degree turn.
  • Destructible Objects - There exist some destructible objects throughout the game which can help the player in fending off enemies. Such examples include explosive barrels or a loose crane box.
  • Dodge Maneuver - By hitting the R1 or R2 buttons (Default PS1 controls), or by holding the R1 or R2 button then hitting the X button right before an attack, Jill will dodge out of the way. If the character is equipped with a pistol and should also escape via a roll--which dodge animation the character would use was random--the character would go onto one knee allowing the player to shoot faster and give an additional layer of cinematic flair to the battles.
  • Ammo Creation - Gunpowder can now be collected in order for Jill to create her own ammo. There are 3 different types: A, B, and C. When mixed accordingly, the player can be granted new types of ammunition. This allows for the creation of different types of ammo that would not be available otherwise.
  • Enemy Randomization - Encountering differing enemies across multiple playthroughs was introduced in Resident Evil 3 to add a sense of unpredictability. When a player may have faced against a pack of zombie hounds in a particular area, during another playthrough may find a group of Omega Hunters there instead.
  • Live Selection Choices - During key moments in the game, Jill will be faced with a ''Live Selection''. These sequences temporarily stall the action and allow the player to decide how they'd like to react to a situation from two possible choices. More often than not these are based around Nemesis encounters. As time still progresses slowly in these instances, the player is faced with the added pressure of a timer. If the player doesn't choose quickly enough, a decision will be made for them - usually inflicting damage upon Jill in the process.

Herbs and First-Aid Sprays

Carrying on the tradition set by the original Resident Evil, characters use a small variety of herbs to heal themselves and cure poisons. First-Aid Sprays are also available, with the singular purpose of healing the character fully. There exist three types of herbs, all of which can be combined in some way for different degrees of healing:

  • Green Herb - On its own will restore 25% of health.
  • Blue Herb - On its own will cure poison, though will no restore any health.
  • Red Herb - On its own can do nothing.
  • Green + Green Herb - Mixed will now heal roughly 50% of health.
  • Green + Green + Green Herb - Mixed will heal the character completely, though not of any poisons.
  • Green + Blue Herb - Mixed will heal the character 25% and cure any poison.
  • Green + Green + Blue Herb - Mixed will heal the character 50% and cure any poison.
  • Green + Red Herb - Mixed will heal the character completely, though not of any poisons.
  • Green + Red + Blue Herb - Mixed will heal the character completely, including Poisons.
  • Red + Blue Herb - Mixed will do nothing.

Gun Powder & Grenade mix results

There are three individual types of gunpowder in Resident Evil 3, types A and B are find throughout the game and the only way obtain type C is by combining one pot of type A and B. By combining these gun powders with either the Reloading tool or standard grenade rounds, various types of ammunition can be created.

By combining the same kind of gun powder repeatedly with the Reloading tool you can create advanced ammo types for the handgun and shotgun. The number of pots used in a single combination will not affect the progression for obtaining the enhanced ammo, so in order to obtain them as quickly as possible it is best to use a single pot each time.

Below is a complete breakdown for combining every type of gun powder combination with both the Reloading Tool and Grenade Rounds as well as how many combinations is necessary to unlock the enhanced ammo. Difficulty will only affect the amount of ammo created, it does not have any effect on obtaining the upgraded ammo.

Bases Results for Mixing with the Reloading tool

Gun Powder A: Handgun Rounds

Gun Powder B: Shotgun Shells

Gun Powder C: Grenade Rounds

Gun Powder AAB: Shotgun Shells

Gun Powder BBA: Handgun Rounds

Gun Powder AC: Flame Rounds

Gun Powder BC: Acid Rounds

Gun Powder CC: Freeze Rounds

Gun Powder CCC: Magnum Rounds

Base Results for Mixing with Grenade Rounds

A: Flame Rounds

B: Acid Rounds

C: Freeze Rounds

Obtaining the ability to create the enhanced ammo types

Handgun Rounds (Gun Powder A + Reloading Tool)

Number of times for first ammo count increase - 4

Number of times for second ammo count increase - 3

Total Number for ability to create upgraded ammunition: 8

Shotgun Shells (Gun Powder B + Reloading Tool)

Number of times for first ammo count increase 1 - 4

Number of times for second ammo count increase 2 - 3

Total Number for ability to create upgraded ammunition - 9


Jill Valentine

The returning heroine from the first game. Jill is a S.T.A.R.S (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) operative who stayed behind in Raccoon City to monitor the Umbrella Corp.'s activities while the rest of the team (minus Brad Vickers) went to Europe to investigate and gather information.

Carlos Oliveira

A mercenary who is part of the U.B.C.S (Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service) hailing from South America. Is infamous for his accent changing midway through the game.

Mikhail Victor

Lieutenant of the U.B.C.S hailing from Russia, Mikhail is first encountered gravely wounded aboard a train which acts as the remaining U.B.C.S members' base of sorts.

Nicholai Ginovaef

A Sergeant of the U.B.C.S hailing from Russia also; Nicholai is the cold and calculating member of the group who decides on the plan to ride the train to the Clock-Tower for extraction.

Brad Vickers

Brad concept art

The Alpha team pilot of S.TA.R.S, Brad opted to stay behind in Raccoon City because he didn't want to get involved with the information gathering of the Umbrella Corp. Despite cutting his ties with S.T.A.R.S. (though he still wears his uniform), Brad is still targeted by The Nemesis B.O.W.

Dario Rosso

Dario concept art

The first character Jill encounters inside a warehouse, Dario is an Italian-American warehouse manager who lost his daughter.

The Nemesis

The title character of the game, and the main antagonist. The Nemesis is a unique form of B.O.W., in that it's able to take commands and operate arms. Its sole mission, programmed by Umbrella, is to hunt down the remaining S.T.A.R.S. members.

Tyrell Patrick

Another U.B.C.S soldier whom Carlos will encounter during the Hospital segment.

Murphy Seeker

A U.B.C.S Private who may be encountered by Jill at the sales office depending on specific player choices.

Marvin Branagh

A police officer who is encountered unconscience, before Leon/Claire'll meet him at the R.P.D during the events of Resident Evil 2.


The titular character, Nemesis.

The plot of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis follows Jill Valentine and her escape from Raccoon City. Jill initially travels to the Raccoon City Police Station and after witnessing S.T.A.R.S. member Brad Vickers being brutally murdered by The Umbrella Corporation's latest bio-weapon, code named "Nemesis'', Jill takes shelter in the R.P.D. Jill escapes Nemesis and meets up with the surviving U.B.C.S. team consisting of Carlos Oliveira, Mikhail Victor and Nicholai Ginovaef, who have fortified a broken train carriage as a base of operations. Mikhail however is found to be injured severely leaving only Carlos and Nicholai of any use.

The train requires some key components to be able to be of any use however. Nicholai reluctantly accepts Jills help and they all head out to search for the supplies needed. Throughout Jill's search she will encounter Nicholai in either the gas station or the Management Office, depending on certain choices made by the player. Either way, Nicholai is presumed dead after an attack by zombies or by an explosion. After Jill helps repair the train they begin to travel to the U.B.C.S. evacuation point. Not before Nemesis forces himself aboard the train, however. Mikhail then sacrifices himself with a grenade to try and destroy the Nemesis but at the extra cost of causing the train to crash.

Jill managed to survive the crash and used the Clocktowers dong mechanisms to signal the rescue helicopter, which is soon after shot down by Nemesis. Jill will then have an unavoidable duel against the her stalker, but not before getting infected by the T-Virus courtesy of the Nemesis. Jill will still manage to prevail against the Nemesis with him lumbering off and passing out in a field of flames. Carlos arrives soon after and carry's an unconscious Jill to the Clocktower chapel.

At this point the player takes control of Carlos and must travel to the hospital. Along the way, again determined by certain choices made the player, Carlos will learn of Nicholai's survival and also his true intentions either by another UBCS soldier - who is soon enough blown up by a trap set by Nicholai - or through Nicholai himself. It is revealed that he is one of the ''Supervisors'' and was meant to to observe the UBCS's attempts to fight the BOW's for combat-data. For extra cash, he is now killing off the remaining supervisors to be the sole survivor. After a brief encounter with a now mutated Nemesis, Carlos will of concocted a vaccine and delivers it to Jill to bring her to full health. Carlos then mentions that there is 'something' he has to do and leaves Jill in the chapel alone.

The player then regains control of Jill.

Jill then travels through the Raccoon City park eventually encountering Nemesis once again. Nemesis attacks Jill causing her to flee into the nearby power plant. Jill will meet up with Carlos once more and will be filled in on information regarding the fate of Raccoon City. It has been decided that Raccoon City is to be levelled completely via a missile bombing, regardless of survivors, to try and contain the virus. Both Carlos and Jill opt to split-up and find any means of escaping.

Throughout Jill's travels, she will once again encounter Nicholai. Either outside the dumping facility or piloting the last helicopter, to which he is either killed by the nemesis or by Jill. Another possibility is Nicholai may actually escape the city too. Regardless, Jill will encounter the Nemesis yet again in the waste room. Manipulating the pipes so they spew acid over Nemesis, Jill is able to beat the Nemesis to such an extent that he eventually loses near all of his limbs. Jill then manages to obtain an Umbrella scientist ID card and uses it to make her way to the radio room, to which she will either receive a broadcast from an 'old friend' should Nicholai manage to get to the last helicopter, or will be greeted by Carlos advising Jill to have hope.

Jill will make her way down stumbling into the Rail-Gun room, to which the carcass of the Nemesis will soon fall down from above. After feasting on a deceased stage II T-103, it then mutates further into a large almost squid-like creature. With the use of the Rail-Gun, Jill finally puts an end to the Nemesis. She will then take an elevator to the outside and escape via helicopter, which is piloted either by Barry Burton or Carlos depending on a prior choice made by the player.

Watching as the city faces its destruction, the game ends with Jill determined now more than ever to put an end to Umbrella and make them pay for their crimes.


Combat Knife

A standard combat knife that Jill has had since the Mansion Incident. Largely useless because of its limited reach and barely noticeable damage, it's primarily intended for use should the player run severely low on ammo, and even then it's often advised just to run instead.

M92F Custom STARS Beretta

A custom Beretta handgun that uses 9mm rounds. It was built by the Kendo Gun Shop under orders from S.T.A.R.S. weapon specialist Barry Burton for the S.TA.R.S. team. Unfortunately, most of the S.T.A.R.S. team were declared deceased or MIA for when the firearm was ready, with Barry Burton, Chris Redfield, Rebecca Chambers and Jill Valentine as the only proprietors.

  • Maximum Ammo Count - 15 rounds
  • Standard Ammunition - 9mm rounds

STI Eagle 6.0

A custom handgun mostly used for sport. This is attained by defeating the Nemesis on Hard mode twice during any of the encounters. First encounter will reward players with Eagle Parts A, and the second with Eagle Parts B. From there the player needs to combine them to receive the handgun, fully loaded. It is considerably faster than Jill's S.T.A.R.S. custom, and has a small chance to pop a zombies head much like the Magnum Revolver.

  • Maximum Ammo Count - 15 rounds
  • Standard Ammunition - 9mm rounds


The standard arms handgun for the U.B.C.S mercenaries who are sent to rescue the civilians of Raccoon City. It is fundamentally the same weapon as Jill's default STARS custom, though it has a unique gun model, and is only available to the players through the portion where players briefly take control of Carlos in the main game, and Nicholai during the Mad Jackal mini-game. Brad Vickers is also shown to be using it.

  • Maximum Ammo Count - 15 rounds
  • Standard Ammunition - 9mm rounds

Benelli Shotgun

A reliable shotgun, with a good, strong kick that can damage multiple enemies if they're close together. Alternatively, the player can aim up when a zombie is close and there'll be a high chance to completely destroy the head, and aim low under the same circumstances to shoot a zombie's legs off.

  • Maximum Ammo Count - 7 shells
  • Standard Ammunition - 12 gauge shells

Western Custom M37 Shotgun.

A faster, and equally as powerful, shotgun alternative to the Benelli. Like the Eagle Handgun, this western classic is only attained by beating the Nemesis multiple times on Hard mode. Though to have him drop the parts to build the shotgun, players must beat him five consecutive times. The first two to unlock the Eagle handgun parts, the next to unlock a first aid spray case, and the final two for the parts to create the M37.

  • Maximum Ammo Count - 7 shells
  • Standard Ammunition - 12 gauge shells

S&W M629C Magnum Revolver

One of the most powerful weapons in the game, this magnum is efficient against all enemies, killing practically all foes with a single shot and is a great contender against boss battles. It has a rough recoil, however, and ammo is incredibly scarce.

  • Maximum Ammo Count - 6 rounds
  • Standard Ammunition - 44. caliber rounds

M4AI Assault Rifle

A somewhat secret weapon that is mostly recognised as Carlos Oliveira's trademark firearm. If the player chooses to play the story mode on the easy setting, Jill will start off with this weapon from the get go. Otherwise it is only unlockable through the Mad Jackal minigame, that can be bought with cash accumulated through completions and/or attempted completions of the minigame.

  • Maximum Ammo Count - 100 bullets, marked by %.
  • Standard Ammunition - 5.56mm NATO rounds

Mine Thrower

A strange and unorthodox weapon that's only found by the player during the Hard mode setting. It fires mines at the enemy which fester within for a couple of seconds before exploding. Should it be combined with the infinite ammo belt, or is equipped with the 'Infinite ammo for all weapons' unlockable setting, it will instead fire instant-explosion mines.

  • Maximum Ammo Count - 6 mines
  • Standard Ammunition - M.T Rounds

Grenade Launcher

One of the most powerful, and also diverse, weapons, it can equip a multiple number of grenade types. It's most commonly equipped with the standard grenade rounds, but it can also be fitted with flame rounds, acid, and even freeze rounds. It's a master of all trades, and the ideal weapon for many of the boss battles. It's also made convenient in that it can stock as much ammo as players can find, so long as they keep it to the same grenade type. Should the player decide to switch grenade types, the accumulated grenades players had equipped will still be switched back into their inventory only taking up a single slot.

  • Maximum Ammo Count - Infinite
  • Standard Ammunition - Grenade rounds

Gatling Gun

Another unlockable weapon that can only be attained via the Mad Jackal minigame. It has infinite ammo and can tear through anything, though it has a slow build up.

  • Maximum Ammo Count - Infinite
  • Standard Ammunition - N/A

Rocket Launcher

An old four shot launcher that can be found near the end of the main game, as well unlocked with infinite ammo via the Mad Jackal minigame. It can kill every enemy, excluding a few bosses, with a single shot.

  • Maximum Ammo Count - Infinite
  • Standard Ammunition - N/A



The zombie is the most common adversary amongst most Resident Evil games, including Resident Evil 3. They are generally weak, though excel with their numbers instead. Zombies are generally slow, but can sometimes brake into a quick sprint on occasion. All weaponry is effective, though the handguns and shotguns of the game are the most suited.

Zombie Hound

Another trademark enemy of the series, the Zombie Hounds are always encountered in packs, and contain the same agility and brutality as a standard dog. They're rather weak, fortunately, and can be taken down swiftly with a few handgun or shotgun shots.

Drain Deimos

These are exclusive to Resident Evil 3 and were conceived accidentally as infected fleas, encountered throughout Raccoon City. They have the ability to crawl up walls and surfaces and are rather fast. They usually operate on four limbs, though will occasionally rise to two when agitated and will charge at the player with increased speed. If grabbed, it resembles the creature to be sucking on the character's face.

Drain Deimos are relatively weak and can be taken down with a few shotgun rounds. It's also easy to avoid them altogether, since they like to crawl around walls and ceilings and will often opt to give chase at the last moment.

Brain Sucker

These are almost identical to the Drain Deimos, though they can inflict poison on the player and have a more greenish look to them over the murky orange the Drain Deimos have.


Much like most Resident Evil iterations, Crows only act as more of a nuisance than a genuine threat. They are always found to be in a large number, however, and can be very hard to avoid.

Omega Hunters

Returning from the original Resident Evil, these are improved Hunter models who are distinctively red over their standard green Alpha counterparts. They are equally as deadly, however, and are always encountered with at least another around the corner. They are formidable enemies and can still swipe the player's head clean off should their characters health be in the Caution state or lower.

The Magnum is most suited weapon when faced against them for its quick efficiency, or automatic weapons to keep them in a constant state of flinching. They're not relatively strong, but they're dangerous enough that they need to be taken out ASAP.

Gamma Hunters

These kind of hunters are more related to amphibians--specifically frogs--than lizards. They share the same body type, though in place of fangs and boils, they have a large gaping mouth - which they can use to eat a character whole should the character's health status be at Caution or lower.

Web Spinners

Jill amidst an onslaught by a giant spider,

Much like zombie hounds, these are to be found in nearly every Resident Evil game to date. They are primarily just spiders, though they all also have the ability to poison the player. Should a giant spider die with its sack still intact, hundreds of miniature spiders will begin to seep out and attack the player. Fortunately, they do even less damage than the crows and should the player leave the area, they'll return to find them all gone.

Sliding Worms

Another enemy only found in Resident Evil 3, these are worms that have been hatched by the larger Gravedigger worm. They attack by jumping at the player and sticking to them, sucking blood at an exuberant pace because of their increased size.

Oddly enough, all the player has to do to avoid them is just keep running, no matter the direction; they'll quite literally dive right through the character model and will leave no damage. Should they manage to latch on to the character, however, the player won't be able to leave the area until they've shacked it off.

Boss Battles

Nemesis - Default

Art of the default Nemesis, holding the corpse of Brad Vickers.

Nemesis is the most prominent and recurring boss battle the player will face. Initially, he is encountered in his trademark state wearing his huge leather jacket. Sometimes he will also be equipped with his own personal rocket launcher--to which he can eventually run out of ammo for, and will then revert to his standard move set.

He will be faced seven times during this iteration, though six of those can be avoided. The player can still face off against him and may ''kill'' him--and should the player be playing through the Hard mode setting, Nemesis will drop a reward each time he falls. Though the option to flee is always there - minus the seventh, which forces the player to face him for story purposes.

Nemesis - Damaged, Part I

This type (the unavoidable seventh encounter) is only faced depending on if the player decided to use the emergency brake whilst riding the runaway tram, otherwise Jill will face the default Nemesis equipped with his rocket launcher. This version of the Nemesis now has an exposed tentacle he'll use as a whip for long distance. However, his standard move-set is still available and he largely requires the same tactics to best.

Nemesis - Damaged, Part II

After the climactic battle in the courtyard, the successive damage inflicted by Jill and Carlos, and the fire he passed out in after the previous battle, Nemesis's leather jacket has now been completely torn, exposing tentacles and boils that have become to form across his body. During this state, he relies greatly on his long range tentacle attacks and can potentially grab the player and slam them on the floor multiple times.

The player will encounter this version of the Nemesis twice; first as Carlos--and again as Jill if the player doesn't do enough damage during his part of the story--and secondly for story purposes, where the player will use valves to spray acid on Nemesis, eventually resulting in Nemesis' almost completely falling apart.

Nemesis - Deformed

This is the Nemesis the player faces at the very end. Initially, it drops down to the ''waste disposal'' center, where numerous Tyrant models were discarded. Nemesis locates a mutated Tyrant and begins to feed on it, which allows him to grow some extra appendages - one of which resembles a lizard's tail. This version is virtually invincible and can only be defeated by an experimental ray gun; which is also so powerful that it requires four huge batteries and around thirty seconds to fully charge.

Gravedigger Battle I

The giant worm commencing an attack.

Essentially a giant worm, though one that has its head exposed to reveal a giant array of sharp teeth. The first battle is in a small series of underground corridors. The player needs to press a series of buttons to lower the ladder to climb back up, whilst being in constant danger having the worm pop out whenever the player gets close to one of the buttons.

Through precise timing, the player can leave the area without ever firing a single shot at the worm. The alternative option is to instead attempt to ward off the worm, though this takes a fairly significant amount of ammunition.

Gravedigger Battle II

Jill is once again forced to face off against the giant worm later on during the Raccoon Park section with no chance of avoiding the fight this time around. The graveyard where Jill encounters the worm is destroyed and has been transformed into a narrow path. The worm will hide underground most of the time but will sporadically pop out to give chase and attack. There is a small puddle of water and an electrical light that the player may shoot to electrocute the worm for an instant kill, though it requires incredibly precise timing to pull off.

Nicholai Ginovaef in an attack chopper.

(See below to Live Selection choices for details on how this optional boss battle is initiated).

This was the first ever non-B.O.W. boss battle the series featured and has Nicholai in a chopper equipped with duel miniguns. The battle plays out simply, with Jill given some slight cover to avoid the chopper's miniguns and then are tasked to return fire after the weapons cool down. If Jill takes too long to take Nicholai's chopper down, he will manage to escape. The chopper is rather robust as well, still taking up to around 3-4 shots with the rocket launcher.

Live Selection choices

Throughout the game, the player will find themselves in life-threatening situations that require split-second decisions. More often than not they come down to either escaping Nemesis or using part of the environment to the player's advantage to weaken him.

Some, however, have a much larger effect on the game and can alter certain scenarios. One in particular can even determine the ending.

A list of the many Live Selection options and their outcomes are as follows:

1. When first stumbling upon the Police Station, after the Nemesis murders Brad Vickers - the player may choose to:

  • A) Fight the monster: The screen reverts back to gameplay; useful for gaining a STARS ID-card quicker than usual.
  • B) Run into the Police Station: Will avoid an encounter with the Nemesis all together.
  • C) Player chooses nothing: Nemesis will attack Jill and will carry on as if choosing option A.

(At this point, the player can then have two similar situations surrounding the next Live Selection, depending on which building Jill will meet Carlos Oliveira in)

2. After meeting Carlos Oliveira in either a restaurant or the News Office, their introduction is cut short by yet another arrival from the Nemesis - the player may choose:

  • A) Throw the lamp: This will ignite either the flames of the News Office or a gas leak in the restaurant kitchen, knocking out Nemesis temporarily.
  • B) Jump out the window/escape to the basement: In the restaurant, should the player choose to head into the basement, the basement pipes will burst and force the player back up to the restaurant forcing a fight against the Nemesis. Should the player jump out of the window in the News Office, Carlos will then alert Jill of other UBCS survivors and run off.
  • C) The player chooses nothing: This will force the player, with Carlos' help, to fight against the Nemesis.

3. Upon heading back from the Sales Office, when making her way through the garage, the floor crumbles beneath Jill with two large crates then descending from a truck towards her - the player may choose to:

  • A) Jump down: Jill will jump down safely. She will then come across a giant dead worm and will have to climb up a ladder and finds herself in the outer car park.
  • B) Climb up: Jill will climb up and avoid the crates.
  • C) The player chooses nothing: The crates will collide with Jill sending her down below much like with option A, except with Jill also taking some damage.

4. At a power-plant, Jill will open up one of the shutters via a specific button combination at the controls to then find a horde of zombies banging against the fragile fence - the player may choose to:

  • A) Overload the control console: This will send a strong current through the fence causing all zombie heads to explode; the combination required to open the second shutter will of altered, however.
  • B) Escape via the fire escape: Initially too rusty to open, Jill will now instead barge through and escape outside, possibly with Nemesis awaiting.
  • C) The player chooses nothing: The zombies will break through the fence.

5. Aboard the train after Mikhail's sacrifice, the train is undoubtedly going to crash - the player may choose to:

  • A) Use the emergency brakes: This has no effect and will leave Jill aboard the train as it crashes.
  • B) Dive out the window: Jill will dive out of the window landing just a little ways away from the Clock Tower.
  • C) The player chooses nothing: Same as option A.

6. Just below the Clock Tower machinery room on an outside balcony, Jill will yet again stumble upon the Nemesis - the player may choose to:

  • A) Use the plug: Jill will throw the plug in the puddle of water close to Nemesis shocking him severely and dropping him to the floor, leaving him temporarily unconscience.
  • B) Use the searchlight: Jill will turn on the searchlight, blinding Nemesis, and then push him off the balcony.
  • C) The player chooses nothing: Nemesis will continue to advance until it reverts back to gameplay.

7. Crossing a rickety bridge, Jill will find the Nemesis ambushing her from below eventually blocking her progress across the bridge - the player may choose to:

  • A) Push him off: Jill will dodge an attack and then push Nemesis off the bridge into the water below. This sets in motion the ending of Nicholai being killed by Nemesis and Carlos finding the last helicopter.
  • B) Jump off: Jill will dodge an attack and jump off the bridge landing near the sewer entrance to the facility. This sets in motion the ending of Nicholai reaching the helicopter and Barry Burton arriving to the rescue.
  • C) The player chooses nothing: Nemesis will throw Jill off the bridge setting in motion the same events of option B but with Jill also taking some damage.

(Live selection number 8 is only available if the player chose option B/C for Live Selection number 7)

8. Jill will find Nicholai piloting the last helicopter available in the area - the player may choose to:

  • A) Attack Nicholai: The player will regain control and can fire at the helicopter, eventually damaging it enough and causing it to crash and explode on the ground.
  • B) Negotiate with Nicholai: Jill will try to reason with Nicholai about his actions and also ask about his motives. Nicholai will answer but then fly off, escaping the Raccoon City nightmare.
  • C) The player chooses nothing: Nicholai will simply escape.

9. After what Jill thought was the end of Nemesis, what little remains then begins to slither towards her - the player may choose to:

  • A) Kill the monster: Jill will avoid the Nemesis' acid-spit attack and pick up a .44 magnum. She will then use all 6 rounds to put an end to the Nemesis.
  • B) Escape: Jill will carry on her escape by heading to the elevator.
  • C) The player chooses nothing: Nemesis will spit acid at Jill damaging and also poisoning her before Nemesis dies from exhaustion. It reverts back to gameplay allowing player to head onto the elevator. The poison attack by Nemesis has no effect on the overall ending, though.


Like most Resident Evils, Resident Evil 3 has a huge assortment of unlockables to add to the games replay value including weapons, costumes and a minigame to help prolong the games length.

There also exists 8 Epilogue stories which give the player some insight into what the main characters were doing after their last game appearances. The epilogues give note to the upcoming games, Code Veronica and Resident Evil 4, and also gave players the first ever shot of USS agent HUNK without his helmet. Each Epilogue is unlocked after a single completion, requiring the player to complete Resident Evil 3: Nemesis 8 times to unlock them all.

Should the player also manage to collect every file in order through the game, upon a new game will find Jill's Diary added to their files. The file is as follows:

''August 7th

Two weeks have passed since that day. My wounds have been healed, but I just can't forget it. For most people, it's history now. But for me, whenever I close my eyes, it all comes back clearly. Zombies eating people's flesh and the screams of my teammates dying. No, the wounds in my heart are not healed yet...

August 13th

Chris has been causing a lot of trouble recently. What's with him? He seldom talks to the other police members and is constantly irritated. The other day, he punched Elran of the Boy's Crime department just for accidentally splashing Chris's face with coffee. I immediately stopped Chris, but when he saw me he just gave me a wink and walked away. I wonder what happened to him...

August 15th

Midnight. Chris, who has been on a leave of absence for a "vacation," called me so I visited his apartment. As soon as I walked into his room, he showed me a couple of pieces of paper. They were part of a virus research report entitled as simply as "G". Then Chris told me that, "The nightmare still continues." He went on to say that, "It's not over yet." Ever since that day, he has been fighting all by himself without rest, without even telling me...

August 24th

Chris left the town today to go to Europe. Barry told me that he would send his family to Canada and then he would follow Chris. I decided to remain in Raccoon City for a while because I know that the research facility in this city will be very important to this entire case. In a month or so, I'll be joining with them somewhere in Europe. That's when my real battle begins...''

Alternate Costumes

Much like past Resident Evil games, upon completion of RE3 the player is given a letter rank ranging from D (worst) to S (best). It's made up of varying factors such as how long it took to complete, how many first-aid sprays were used, and how often the player saved. These ranks would determine what costumes the player would unlock for any following playthroughs.

The costumes were attainable by first collecting the boutique key out of the inventory box, and then unlocking the boutique located near the bar early on. Inside are five dressing rooms, each with one of the available costumes. For the PC version, all costumes (including two extra) are unlocked from the outset and Jill's costume is selected from the very start of the game.

Jill's unlockable police uniform outfit
  • Jill's classic S.T.A.R.S. outfit from Resident Evil.
  • A 70s disco outfit.
  • A biker outfit.
  • A standard police uniform w /miniskirt
  • A Regina skin, who's best known from the Dino Crisis series.
  • Jill's original costume, just with some straps - PC Exclusive.
  • A casual outfit made of black leather pants, and a light blue sleeved shirt - PC Exclusive.

Nemesis Rewards

During each Nemesis bout amidst the main game on the Hard mode difficulty, should Jill manage to beat him, he will drop a silver-case which contains items to help Jill's story, ranging from new weapons to healing items.

  • Bout 1. 9mm Eagle handgun parts A.
  • Bout 2. 9mm Eagle handgun parts B.
  • Bout 3. First aid spray case with 3 first aid sprays.
  • Bout 4. Sawn off shotgun parts A.
  • Bout 5. Sawn off shotgun parts B.
  • Bout 6. First-aid spray case with 3 first aid sprays.
  • Bout 7. An infinite ammo pack that when combined with a weapon will give it unlimited ammo from then on. Note: can only be used once.

The Mercenaries: Operation Mad Jackal

Operation Mad Jackal's title screen

After a single completion of the game, Operation Mad Jackal becomes available. It has the player choose between the three mercenaries, Carlos Oliveira, Mikhail Victor and Nicholai Ginovaef. Each with their own distinctive weapon load-out that acts as the different difficulties. Mikhail being the easiest, followed by Carlos then Nicholai.

The objective is to make it from the fortified train to the warehouse save room. There is, however, a constant timer which is based upon a bomb being placed within the mercenaries. To gain more time, the player can kill enemies as well as save hostages which will also give the players some added supplies. Upon completion, the mercenary is beckoned by a shadowy figure who asks his female associate to hand an Umbrella marked briefcase, which contains the players reward. Even if the player fails due to death, or expiration of time, they are still marked with a rank and given a cash sum.

The enemies encountered are all pulled from the main story-line, including multiple encounters with the notorious Nemesis, which sometimes even includes him alongside other BOW creatures as well. One such quirk the minigame features, is a section that is patrolled by two Nemesis' - both equipped with rocket launchers. Through careful manipulation, it's possible to actually force the two Nemesis' to duke it out if the player manoeuvres well enough so one Nemesis may accidentally shoot or attack the other.

Completion of the game will award the player a rank between D to S as well a cash sum, which can then be used to purchase the unlockable weapons for the main game and the option to have infinite ammo for all weapons in the main game.

Operation Mad Jackal Rewards:

  • M4A1 Assault Rifle with infinite ammo for 2000$
  • Gatling Gun with infinite ammo for 3000$
  • Rocket Launcher with infinite ammo for 4000$
  • Infinite ammo for all weapons in Resident Evil 3 9999$ Note: cannot be turned off

The Mercenaries

Mikhail Victor

  • Benelli Shotgun.
  • S&W M629C Revolver.
  • Rocket Launcher.
  • 21 shotgun rounds.
  • 18 magnum rounds.
  • A mixed herb portion, made of a single green, red and blue herb.

Carlos Oliveira

  • M4A1 Assault Rifle.
  • STI Eagle 6.0. Pistol
  • 90 handgun bullets.
  • A mixed herb portion, made of a single green, red and blue herb.
  • A mixed herb portion, made of a single green, red and blue herb.
  • A mixed herb portion, made of a single green, red and blue herb.

Nicholai Ginovaef

  • Combat knife.
  • SIGPRO SP2009 Pistol.
  • First-aid spray.
  • First-aid spray,
  • First-aid spray.
  • Blue herb.

The Hostages.

There are six hostages located throughout the available locations that Mad Jackal allows that reward a bonus of 20 seconds to the timer, and supplies which vary depending on which character the player is. The way to save them is to kill all enemies within the area, then to press the action button next to the hostage. All hostages are characters taken from the story, and the final two are whichever two other mercenaries that are remaining, after the player's selected character. A hidden timer also persists for each hostage as well, which, if expired, will have the player arrive to find the hostage killed. A quick way for players to determine if a hostage is dead before they reach the body is to note the lack of any opposition within the room the hostage was kept; if there are no enemies in the room, then this signifies that the hostage was killed.

The list of the hostages and their whereabouts are as follows:

Dario Rosso

  • Located in the garage of the Gas Station.
  • Enemies: Zombies
  • Rewards: Mikhail, shotgun rounds. Carlos, handgun rounds. Nicholai, handgun rounds.

Female Survivor (Believed to be the Mayor's Daughter)

  • Located in the top floor of the News Office.
  • Enemies: Zombies.
  • Rewards: Mikhail, shotgun rounds. Carlos, handgun rounds. Nicholai, EX handgun rounds. (more powerful than regular handgun rounds, with every shot directed at a zombie resulting in toppling backwards slightly)

Brad Vickers

  • Located in the basement of the Restaurant.
  • Enemies: Zombies.
  • Rewards: Mikhail, magnum rounds. Carlos, first-aid spray. Nicholai, first-aid spray.

Marvin Branagh

  • Located in the emergency exit hallway of the Power Station.
  • Enemies: Nude zombies.
  • Rewards: Mikhail, magnum rounds. Carlos, first-aid spray. Nicholai, first-aid spray.


  • Located in the stock room of the Chemist.
  • Enemies: Gamma Hunters.
  • Rewards: Mikhail, first-aid spray. Carlos, first-aid spray. Nicholai, first-aid spray.


  • Located in the Bar.
  • Enemies: Zombies
  • Rewards: Mikhail, EX shotgun rounds (a more powerful variant of shotgun rounds over the regular). Carlos, handgun rounds. Nicholai, handgun rounds.


The soundtrack for Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was released in September 22th, 2009 in Japan. Later, versions for Europe and USA were also released. The original album is entitled Resident Evil 3: Last Escape Original Soundtrack. The music was composed by Masami Ueda and Saori Maeda.

Disc 1


Track Title

Track Time
01) The Last Escape0:18
02) Option Screen0:55
03) Title Calling0:07
04) Her Determination0:57
05) The Opening1:32
06) The Beginning of Nightmare1:23
07) Is There A Way Out?0:35


Track TitleTrack Time
08) The Great Novelist1:49
09) Free From Fear2:34
10) Meeting Brad1:09
11) Cold Sweat0:46
12) The City of Ruin2:34
13) Imminent Slaughter0:27
14) Nemesis' Theme1:18
15) Feel The Tense...2:07
16) The Front Hall1:55
17) The First Floor3:07
18) Well Dressed Up1:03


Track TitleTrack Time
19) The City Without Hope3:26
20) Watch Out For Your Back1:08
21) Carlos' Theme1:31
22) Never Give Up The Escape2:32
23) Nicholai's Theme1:42
24) Together for the Escape1:24
25) Valediction2:43
26) Coldhearted Soldier2:28
27) Quick & Fast Relief0:09
28) The Common Cure0:11
29) Escape to Ecstasy0:10
30) Zombies Trespassing0:23
31) Free Falling0:56
32) Abrupt Gunfire1:11
33) Don't Come Any Closer!1:26
34) Complete Rest2:39
35) Hero Time2:20
36) S.G.G.S. Explosion0:16
37) Pride and Valor0:26
38) An Impending Danger0:47
39) Cable Car Crash0:14

Disc Two

Clock Tower

Track TitleTrack Time
01) Ominous Presentiment0:12
02) The Clock Tower3:30
03) Don't Lose Courage2:00
04) No Rest for the Wicked2:43
05) Mysterious Orgel (Correct)0:13
06) Mysterious Orgel (Wrong)0:15
07) From Relief to Terror0:31
08) Menacing Nemesis1:29
09) Unstoppable Nemesis1:47
10) Bring Back Her Consciousness2:25

Hospital and Park

Track TitleTrack Time
11) The Hospital2:45
12) Traitor1:08
13) Almost There...0:23
14) Nemesis Again1:42
15) Nothing But a Pawn1:16
16) Earthquake?0:20
17) The Grave Digger1:46
18) The Park2:47

Disused Plant

Track TitleTrack Time
19) The Disused Plant2:43
20) All of a Sudden0:35
21) The Worst Scenario1:38
22) Defiant Behavior0:50
23) The Last Argument1:47
24) Deservedly Death0:21
25) Four Minutes Before the Treatment1:07
26) Nemesis Doesn't Give Up3:24
27) Treated To Resurrect0:19
28) Missile Approaching3:11
29) Against the Chopper1:38
30) Emergency Level D3:02
31) Nemesis Final Metamorphosis3:40
32) The Last Decision0:41
33) The Second Chopper (Ver.1)0:12
34) The Second Chopper (Ver.2)0:26
35) The Second Chopper (Ver.3)0:38


Track TitleTrack Time
36) Euthanasia of Raccoon City0:57
37) Unfortunate Event1:04
38) Staffs & Credit2:01
39) Ever After1:48

The Mercenaries

Track TitleTrack Time
40) Title Calling (Arranged Ver.)0:07
41) Choose The Best One1:21
42) The Doomed City2:42
43) Hellish Agony3:00
44) Freedom Obtained1:17
45) Reward and Result1:13

TV Commercial

Track TitleTrack Time
46) CM-1 (Short Ver.)0:18
47) CM-2 (Long Ver.)0:31