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Generally used as a rather blatant nod to the player, game developers have been incorporating ways to work the title of the game into the actual dialogue since the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

This does not include games named after a character (e.g. Nier, Batman: Arkham Asylum), organization (e.g. Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Psychonauts), object (e.g. Metal Gear, Soul Calibur), or concept ( Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Murder!), as having these titles included in gameplay is necessary, rather than a comedic jab from the writers. However, there are times where a game's dialogue will use the title because it is an important in-game concept, but also sometimes use it to invoke some irony with the game's title and/or the in-game concept. For example, in The Darkness, the main character is possessed by a parasitic entity that grants monstrous powers to its human host, but also slowly gains control of the host's soul. This creature is known simply as "the Darkness," but some characters who have no knowledge of this parasite have coincidentally significant quotes such as "There's always light in the darkness."