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Unlike ragdoll physics which when a character dies their body goes completely limp(which can often be humorous as bodies tend to clip through objects and twitch around)Euphoria's physics are more detailed and allow an extra layer of depth to characters. Through a muscle and skeleton setup character models have much more realistic collision detection.

Tagline: Unique game moments


Characters and


Characters and NPCs react to different levels of exerted force from different directions, and on different body parts. This goes co along with the AI. The engine also implements it's physics in a list of built in preset materials, such as wood, glass, graphite, jelly and others. These materials react differently in realistic manners. Bullets tear up wood naturally, jelly bounces around, and broken glass sends shards flying around.


As well as having very procedural physics, the other half of Euphoria lies in it's build from the ground AI. All


NPCs and the player character are given a sense of self perseverance. NPCs are given a realistic field of view and react to noises in the environment.

Some examples of the AI

  • A NPC falling down a building may cling onto a ledge
  • An NPC might hang onto the door of their car that has just been stolen in an attempt to take it back
  • Constantly bumping into or pushing an NPC will cause them to get aggressive, and fight you or run away in terror.
  • A badly wounded NPC will know he is done and try to find cover, and even call for nearby help
  • AnNPC that has been shot in the legs will collapse, grasp his leg andlimp on to safety, and if seriously wounded they will even crawl on

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