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R: Rock'n Riders, also known simply as R[アール] is a Japan-exclusive action extreme sports (sandboarding/snowboarding simulation) video game released for the PlayStation in 1999. It was published by FAB Communications.


Criminal List: Kyoji. Two modes are presented in the game: Runaway and Music room.

There are six different characters (Chisato, Kyoji, ellemo (starred by Ayumi Sakurai, a former gravure idol), O-jiro, YASUMICHA'N, and Kiyoshi), however only four are playable. Each of them has its own characteristics and board. All of them are members of "R", a rock band which was formed purposely for the anime "R" and the video game. The most notable members of the band were Chisato and O-Jiro (both from PENICILLIN), Kyoji Yamamoto, and Kiyoshi.

Panorama of Escape Session. The goal is to reach Los Angeles to play in a concert with the band

The game takes place in the future (year 20xx) in which they are considered criminals and wanted by the law because rock music is against it in that time. There are four "runaway" (escape session) stages, all located in the Western United States: Sea Side Course, Future Side Course, Snow Side Course, and Town Side Course.

During the gameplay, basically the player has to make tricks in order to earn points. Falls and hits will decrease them. The player can also "touch" the green haired character (O-jiro) in order to receive the instrument (improving the indicator/in-game music), and avoid the one dressed in red (YASUMICHA'N) in order to not lose an indicator/affect the music. However "touching" the red one in the last stage will not affect negatively anything, but improve it. Each level will be successfully completed once the player reaches the destination before the time limit and with the maximum number (five) of music indicators.

Chisato at Snow Side Course executing Method grab. See the indicator at the bottom left of the screen. At the beginning of each stage, the in-game music is practically non-existent/incomplete.

A wide variety of tricks can be executed, these include: tail grab, method grab, indy grab, mute grab, different types of fakie, backflip, double backflip, rodeo flip, tweak, 180°, 360°, 540°, 720°, 900°, 1080°, VitteliTurnVitteli, and also various combinations such as "Fakie to MethodGrab-900°" or "Tail Grab 720°". Executing the more complex tricks correctly will help earning more points.

Kiyoshi has its own trick called "ShortBank". Everytime it's executed, 300 points will be earned, therefore the music indicator will improve more easily, making it possible not having to actually touch O-jiro during the entire course.

After finishing each stage, a replay accompanied with music can be viewed (except for the last course). After the last course, "R" will perform the song DIVE INTO THE FUTURE.

Extra Game! WAUGGH!!

Beating the game with all the four characters gives access to the "Extra Game". The innovation is that the player has to race against seven opponents. The player has now a power meter and can give punches while snowboarding. Another addition is that all the characters can execute now the "ShortBank" trick.

Also, besides the "Runaway" mode, there's the "Music room" mode where the characters play their instrument.


Kiyoshi in the music video.

The single "DIVE INTO THE FUTURE" was released on April 1 1999, while the album "R" was released on April 21 1999. Almost all the songs on the album are included in the game, these include "CHASER" (by Kyoji Yamamoto), "Dennō Yūgi" (by Chisato), "S.N.S.N." (by Kiyoshi), among others. T2ya participated in the arrangement of few songs.

Instruction manual (story & characters)

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