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Leagues and Cups

League NameRankMatchesCostReward
Amateur LeagueD31,00020,000
Regional LeagueC52,00050,000
National LeagueB113,000100,000
World LeagueA35,000200,000
Kairo LeagueS310,000300,000
Cup NameRankCostReward
Beginner's CupF2,50050,000
Amateur CupE5,00080,000
Eco CupD8,000100,000
Regional CupC12,000150,000
Bearington CupB15,000200,000
National CupA20,000300,000
World TournamentS100,000500,000
Blue Stars MatchF5005,000
Dribblers MatchF5007,500
Blowfish MatchF1,00010,000
Sea Slugs MatchE1,00010,000
Wild Dogs MatchE1,00010,000
Cafe Lattes MatchB1,00010,000
Nachos MatchB1,00010,000
Hipsters MatchB1,00010,000
Global MatchA1,00010,000
European MatchA1,00010,000
World MatchA1,00010,000
Ackbar MatchS1,00010,000
Practice Match-02,500
Tune-Up Match-1002,500
Strenghtening Match-3002,500