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Sumia's character portrait

Sumia is a ditzy Pegasus Knight who enjoys reading books to escape the real - world, where she lacks self-esteem. Her birthday is November 24.She has a natural talent in handling animals such as horses and pegasi, but is otherwise very clumsy and often falls flat on her face.

Sumia is one of the protagonist Chrom's potential brides. She is also seen in the game's intro movie holding an infant Lucina next to Chrom, making them the closest the game has to an official couple. If Chrom is not married by Chapter 12, Sumia will be given the highest priority if his relationship levels with female characters are all equal, accelerating the growth of their relationship.

If Sumia marries, her daughter will be Cynthia.

As a Pegasus Knight, Sumia can promote to a Falcon Knight or a Dark Flier. Her birthday is November 24th.