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Based on the popular Steven Spielberg Warner Bros. cartoon from the early nineties is the multi-platform Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt. It was released in 2005 as an action adventure/platformer, from developer Warthog, creators of many other Warner Bros. games.

Yakko prepares to swing his mallet.

The story is very basic but also stays true to the animaniacs cartoon by using humour and satire. Frustrated by being "overlooked", film director C. C. Deville steals the "Edgars" (statuettes that are a parody of the Oscars); he threatens to melt them all unless studio chairman Thaddeus Plotz gives him a lucrative contract. While carrying out his plot, Deville's dim-witted assistant accidentally crashes his getaway blimp into the Warner Bros. water tower. This scatters 44 of the 45 stolen Edgars across the studio lot and releases Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, who agree to search for the missing awards. Their adventure spans several levels, ranging in theme from fairy tale, spooky, western, Irish, to Aztec.

The Game does feature the original voice cast from the cartoon, for the main protagonists Yakko, Wakko and Dot.

The Voice Cast for the game are the following:

Rob Paulsen

Tress MacNeille

Jess Harnell

Maurice LaMarche

Billy West

Frank Welker

The game received average reviews from critics, being praised for its graphics and for, generally, being true to the Animaniacs spirit. The GameCube release was the best received of the multi-platform release, slightly edging out its PS2 and XBOX cousins.