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It's been 30 years since the events of Killzone 3 took place and the world is a very different place. Both the Vektans & the Helghan live side by side in a futuristic city divided by a wall. Tensions are high as both sides continue to attack each others city. You play as a Shadow Marshall, the most special of special forces and are tasked to keep the balance of these two cities in check.

When a surprise attack levels a peaceful square on the Vektan side and Helghan stealth troops lay waste to the fallen, you take up arms. After a harrowing ride on a Helghan ship, you find yourself literally standing on the wall, Vektan and Helghan craft converging on both sides of you, the epicenter of the conflict.


From the Playstation Meeting demo, we can discern the following:

  • Played in the first person perspective
  • One gun includes a charged, quick kill, long distance shot
  • When above an enemy, the player can dive onto them with knife drawn for a kill
  • Knife kill combos are possible as the player can look up from a victim, see another solider, and toss a knife for a one hit kill
  • The player can take cover behind low walls, as in Killzone 3, where the view remains first person and the player can contextually pop up to shoot enemies and down to avoid fire.
  • There are contextual button presses like one required to detonate C4 on a craft.
  • Health regenerates when a player is out of battle