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Arthur's Absolutely Fun Day! is a game developed by Ed Magnin and Associates and published by The Learning Company for the Game Boy Color platform.


Arthur's Absolutely Fun Day! is a game in which the player plays as the titular Arthur and the goal is to collect sixteen stars by playing different mini games to go to the Wonderland amusement Amusement park. The mini games can be played as many times as desired and in any order.

Town Mini Games

Arthur's House

Shooting some Hoops

At Arthur's house the basketball mini game is played. The basketball game is played by pressing and holding the A button, then releasing it during the jump to shoot the basketball. For every basket made the player earns one point.

The Sugar Bowl

Sorting Eggs

The object of the Sugar Bowl mini game is to collect different colored eggs in their corresponding tubes. Eggs will travel through a series of tubes and machines. The eggs will end up with various colors and patterns. The player must use left and right on the D-pad to make sure the correct tube at the bottom is ready to collect the egg.

Yellow House

Making Pancakes

In the yellow house mini game the object is to make ten pancakes. After the batter is poured (which happens automatically) the player must flip over the pancake when it is ready. Once the pancake changes appearance twice it is time to flip it over. Once the pancake has been flipped over and sits for a few seconds the player can place it on the plate. If a pancake has been done incorrectly it will be thrown in the trash.

Recycling Center

Skateboard Recycling

The Recycling Center is a skateboarding mini game. The goal of the skateboarding mini game is to collect crushed cans and recycle them. In order to collect the cans the player must press the A button to jump, in order to collect the can while in the air the can must be lined up with Arthur's hand. The B button is used to kick and gain more speed. The game ends once the player collects 10 cans.

Public Library

Sorting Books

In the public library the goal is to put away books on the right shelves. There is a two minute time limit to complete this game. The player uses the D-pad to move over to the librarian and press down to grab the book. The player must then navigate to the shelf with the books of the matching color and press A to put the book onto the shelf. Once the player has put ten books on the shelves correctly the game will end and a star will be earned.


A Friendly Game of Air Hockey

The Arcade mini game is air hockey. The goal of the air hockey game is to score seven goals on the computer controlled opponent. The player controls one of Arthur's arms and can move it in any direction. The A button can be used to do a quick hit while the B button can be used to reset the arm position to default.

Elwood News

Delivering Papers

The goal of the Elwood News mini game is to deliver newspapers to the residents of the town. The newspapers can be delivered to either the doorsteps of houses or the mailboxes. Once ten papers have been correctly delivered a star will be awarded. The A button is used to throw papers while back and forward on the D-Pad will speed or slow the player down.

The Hill

Racing Soap Box Derby Cars

The Hill is a downhill soapbox derby race. The object in the race is to get to the bottom of the hill before the computer controlled opponent does. There are many different obstacles to avoid. The obstacles on the course will slow the player down. The opponent can be pushed by running into them. Left and right on the D-Pad will steer the vehicle while the B button uses a horn.

The Beach

Diving for Treasure

The Beach mini game is about collecting treasures under the ocean. The player must find and collect ten different treasures. There are many different treasures to find including TV's, eggs, teapots, and coins. The player is moved either up, down, left, or right using the D-Pad. Treasure is picked up by pressing the A button while Arthur's left arm is lined up with the treasure.

Wanda's Berry Farm

Picking Some Berries

In Wanda's Berry Farm the goal is to pick berries. Arthur is moved either up, down, left, or right by using the D-pad. A berry can be picked from the bushes when Arthur's right arm is lined up with a berry and the A button is pressed. A star is awarded when the player has successfully picked ten berries from the bushes.

Carnival Mini Games

The Carnival mini games can only be played once the player has obtained sixteen stars in the town mini games. There are no rewards given for the carnival mini games as they are all played just for fun.

Hot Air Balloon

Shooting Water at a Target

In the hot air balloon mini game the object is to get Arthur's hot air balloon higher than his friends. In order to make the balloon go up a water gun must be aimed at a target and hit. The gun is aimed by using the D-Pad while the water is sprayed out by holding the A button.

Bumper Cars

Bumper Cars

In bumper cars the object is to bump your car into the other players. The game lasts for a set amount of time and there is no way to win this game. Arthur is controlled by using the D-Pad and a boost can be used by pressing the A button.

Test of Strength

Test Your Might

The object of the test of strength is to make the bell at the top ring. In order to make the bell ring Arthur uses a hammer and hits a target. in order to use the hammer the A button is held until the desired spot, then A is released. If the player holds A for too long Arthur will not hit the target very hard.

Skee Ball

Some Skee Ball

The object of Skee Ball is to score as many points as possible. There are nine balls the player can use and once those nine balls are used the game is over. Arthur can be moved left and right using the D-Pad. Once the desired location has been seen the ball is rolled down the lane using the A button. The holes at the top of the table are labeled with a number which corresponds to the amount of points that will be received if the ball goes into it.

Dunk Tank

Dunk That Clown

The object of the dunk tank is to hit a target with a ball and make the clown fall into the water. There is a basket of base balls on the right of the screen, before a ball can be thrown the player must bring Arthur over to the basket. The player can move Arthur left and right using the D-Pad, and the ball is thrown by holding the A button.