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Shadowrun Returns is an upcoming 2.5D, turn-based RPG from Harebrained Schemes. True to the Shadowrun name, the game will be a cyberpunk-themed RPG with elements of high fantasy. The game will be set across two cities; Seattle, Washington and Berlin, Germany. The game will also include a storyline that connects with both the SNES and Genesis Shadowrun titles.

The developers wanted the gameplay to combine the strategic turn based combat in the original X-COM and the 2012 remake, with deep RPG customisation and detective film noire.

The PC and MAC version will also ship with the same level editor used by the developers to create the game for players to create their own content.


Set in an alternative future of 2054, the protagonist’s old friend Sam has been murdered . Sam’s sister, Jessica Watts requires help to find out what happened. The player must then go to Seattle, Washington. While at the morgue the player is met by the antagonistically hardboiled Detective Mitch Macklusky. Who tells the player that Sam was another victim of an organ stealing serial killer or killers. From there the player unraveling more mysterious organisations and societies.


The composer for the SNES version of Shadowrun, Marshall Parker, and the composer for the Genesis version of Shadowrun, Sam Powell, will collaborate on the music for Shadowrun Returns.

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