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Remember Me is a third person action game developed by Dontnod and will be published by Capcom. The game is set in Paris. The player takes control of Nilin, an elite memory hunter who is not only incredibly athletic and trained in martial arts, but also has the special ability to access and modify people's memories. When her own memory is erased, Nilin begins her journey to reclaim her identity and discover how she can change the world.

Originally, the title was announced at Gamescom 2011 under the name ADRIFT but had no publisher attached at that point. The game was re-revealed as Remember Me at Capcom's Gamescom 2012 press conference; it will be released in May 2013 June 4th in the US (a slight delay from the previous targeted 'May' release) and June 7th in the UK for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.



The combat appears to be a hand to hand. Nilin also appears to have the ability to access the node on the back of her neck, to deepen the combat by flaring it out and creating an energy armor that surrounds her neck, shoulders and forearms.


The game has a core focus on "Remixing" memories, which is Nilin's ability to change the actions of a character within their minds. The concept is that when a target is manipulated, their memory outcome might affect the fate of the world.

Remixing appears to be done in an abstract environment once Nilin has hacked into their brain via wireless. Once inside the memory, the player watches the sequence as it naturally occurred. Then the player is given the ability to change key choices, which in result, will affect the outcome.

Free Running

Nilin also seems to be fluent in free running or parkour. It is the ability to overcome obstacles while moving forward utilizing the environment to increase speed. The game seems to have a heavy influence on cinematic sequences utilizing this idea.



The protagonist, Nilin, she appears to be a digital memory hunter and has also had her memory erased.