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In this portable tale, set in-between Dead Space and Dead Space 2, Vandal seeks to undo the damage unwittingly caused in the name of Unitology.

The identically-named game for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC can be found at this page.


You play as a saboteur codenamed "Vandal," an engineer who has recently converted to Unitology. The church deceives Vandal and leads the character to unknowingly unleash Necromorphs upon the mines of Titan. Realizing his mistake, Vandal attempts to help stop what the disaster before it spreads further.


Dead Space (much like its console/PC brethren) does not have a HUD, save for a button to bring up options, switch weapons, etc.. The left side of the screen is designated for movement while the right side is for looking around and shooting. Tapping the right side of the screen will draw your weapon, tapping again will fire, and tilting the device left or right will switch to secondary fire. Stasis is activated by tapping a "button" on Vandal's back.


  • Dead Space features its own in-game achievements and does not support Game Center.
  • Earning these achievements will unlock wallpapers for your Android, iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad.
  • Registering the game with your EA account will get you 1,000 credits and free power node in Dead Space 2 .

Unique Features

In contrast to the main games this game uses regenerating health. New weapons are employed, including the Plasma Saw, which makes an appearance in melee quicktime events, one controls by swiping motions.


Dead Space is available for Android, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry Playbook. It requires Android OS 2.1 or later and iOS version 3.0 or later to play.