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Players can choose Clint or Annie
Players can choose Clint or Annie

Wild Guns was developed and published by Natsume (except for Europe, where the game was published by Titus Interactive) originally in 1994. The game has a collaboration of settings with both western and science-fiction themes. The protagonists are from the cowboy western era, and the enemies are various robots as well as other various sci-fi themed enemies.

The game was eventually rereleased on the Wii's Virtual Console on May 31, 2010. It was also added to the Wii U's Virtual Console in 2014.


Annie's family has been murdered by a fierce gang, and she plans to seek vengeance. She then finds a bounty hunter named Clint, and asks for his help in getting her revenge. Though Clint is reluctant to take her along, Annie insists that she's as good a shot as he is. Annie and Clint will fight alongside each other in attempt to take down the human and robot gangs who murdered Annie's family.


Many enemies don't seem common in a western
Many enemies don't seem common in a western

WIld Guns is primarily an on-rails, Arcade style shooter. The characters, Clint and Annie, are shown on screen, and the player can move the character and shooting cursor around for combat. The characters are able to use a jumping and dodging maneuver to avoid obstacles on the screen. They'll also be able to pick up various weapons that fit the western theme such as a shotgun or Gatling gun.

There are six levels in Wild Guns, and each has multiple areas to shoot through. Each area has its own time limit and quota of enemies to shoot, eventually leading to an encounter with a boss. If the player does not shoot all the enemies in time they will not receive a bonus, but will still be allowed to continue to the next area.

The game also supports a two-player co-operative mode. One player controls Annie while the other controls Clint. By pressing the face buttons at the character select screen, the player can determine what color palette their character uses.

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