Where is Wright?

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Seriously. I haven't heard of him since he left Maxis in 2009 to create that Stupid Fun Club studio, I never heard anything new of him again I think.

Are they really just having stupid fun at the Stupid Fun Club? I thought they were still gonna make games over there.

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#2 Posted by EuanDewar (5160 posts) -

Making robots for taking over countries or something.

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Isn't he working on a movie right now? Wasn't he quoted saying that games are a shitty storytelling medium, and he had a story he wanted to tell, so he was going to make a movie instead?

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#6 Posted by Bellum (2945 posts) -

Wright woke up from this world and ascended to a new plain of existence. Sort of like in The Matrix, but where everyone speaks gibberish.

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