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 Willie Trombone may have a few screws loose, but he is a relentlessly good-natured person, and Klaymen's cousin. He was one of the seven sons of Ottoborg, who is one of Quater's seven sons and brother to Hoborg. Ottoborg also created Big Robot Bil and two other robots to help him build his world, but he forgot to bind his world together with gravity, so each of his seven sons and their homes drifted off into space. Willie Trombone and Bil drifted off through the most dangerous part of space, only to bump into Hoborg, who was on his way to acquire the highest-quality, everlasting Klay. WIth the help of his two new friends, Hoborg got his Klay and created the Neverhood. When Klogg took over, Willie Trombone stole a Klay seed and created Klaymen, who would become the saviour of the Neverhood. Willie also presumably created the video that Klaymen needs to collect all the parts of and watch in order to understand the immediate backstory of the Neverhood and the nature of his mission.    

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