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Wilme Pelin
Wilme Pelin is an alien featured as a playable character in The 7th Saga.   His origins are unclear; there do not appear to be other members of his species to interact with in the world of Ticondera.   As an alien, Wilme certainly looks the part, with a red, rock-like body, protruding spikes, and green hair.  Interactions with him can yield arrogant and aggressive responses, and his desire for the runes stems from an apparent thirst for power and to prove his superiority. If the player chooses to start as a different character, Wilme can join the player's party or become an opponent (or both) later in the game.   But because of his attitude, it can be difficult to get Wilme to agree to team up with another character.  Wilme is physically strong and can generate the most hit points of any playable character, but cannot improve his stats by using equipment and has a low magic rating.  His stat gains largely come through leveling up, which can rapidly increase his hit points and guard ability, but Wilme never gains any healing spells.  As a result, he's strong early in the game but becomes weaker as equipment improves and magic becomes more critical to a player's success.  Wilme is able to use fire magic, but by the end of the game it is fairly weak.  Valsu Saizer and Esuna Busy, two healer-type character, are both logical partners for Wilme.  At one point in the game, it will be revealed that one playable character is a traitor; it is possible for Wilme to be that character.   
Wilme's Starting Stats 

Wilme's Stat Gains Per Level 
Wilme's Magic Spells 
5Fire 1
12Fire 2
28Vacuum 1

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