Any must have games for windows phone 8/7x?

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Just got an HTC 8X recently, and although I have pacman DX and rocket riot installed, I haven't been keeping up with game releases on the platform. Are there any recent wp games that are noteworthy (that aren't 7+ dollars preferably).

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Minesweeper! Wordament! No, these aren't new, but they're all I play, and really all I need.

Search the Xbox Live games on the marketplace. There're demos for most games, so go nuts.

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Check out some of the free games. Shuffle Party, Minesweeper, Flowerz and Sudoku.

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Apparently Chaos Rings is amazing. I really want to get it but it's like 10 bucks and takes up 700 MB.

Wordament is really good though. I hate mobile gaming so I don't really pay much attention to it.

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Contre Jour has some sick music and is a pretty great game, and I found the GeoDefense games to be ok for tower defense type of game...Z0MB1ES (on teh ph0ne) is super fun imo

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if you like puzzle game: Take a look on Link and Catch.,

It's two challanging game.

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Check out Backgammon Online GC, you can install this game on any Windows PC or tablet supporting Microsoft Windows 8 or higher version of Microsoft Windows. It is available for download from Microsoft Windows Store:

More great games you will find on

All games are FREE but you also have option to play for $Prizes. You can compete in 1:1 games or multi-player tournaments.

Have fun! :)

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