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I recently swiched to WP7 and have been enjoying the system a lot. I also dowlnoaded Zune (for PC) for the first time so I can manage my library of music (luckily it was quite easy to teansfer my music from iTunes), but I encountered a problem with podasts: I am used to listen to new episodes as they come out (and WP7 downloads new ones automatically straight to the phone once on wi-fi, which is great), but I also often reach into older stuff. Ussualy I have like 4 newest episodes and 10 older ones loaded. But for some reason this new WP7 phone won't let me keep those older ones. It just erases them with no warning and only keeps the new ones.

Is there any way to set the phone to only add new episodes and NEVER delete any?

I am using Nokia Lumia 800. If anyone has any experience with this issue, any help would be greatly appriciated.

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Zune software Settings> Podcasts> Keep ALL.

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@ElStevo: thanks for the reply, but in fact that just downloads all episodes and tries to put them in the phone, which is impossible (and stupid)

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Just a quick update: It has been 10 months since my original post and in this time I have not found a suitable way to comfortably listen to podcasts on my Windows Fucking Phone 7. It's a nice fucking phone, but it really is not up to par to others. I recently downloaded and installed the newest OS version (W7.8) which made the start screen much more enjoyable, but it also has a bug that makes all music stupidly quiet (from what I googled it is a bug specific to Nokia Lumia 800) and there is little hope for any help from the developers, which at this point moved on to the Windows Fucking Phone 8.

My solution for this in the end was to dig up my old iPod Touch, update it with the newest OS, download the official Podcasts app, find out that that one is horseshit too, delete it, google some more and end up buyin app called Downcast for 1.8EUR. That one is just magical. So I am back to carrying around two devices - I will propably just buy an iPhone when I have an opportunity.

Thanks, Nokia/Microsoft, I am done here.

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