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Fifth installment of the Wing Commander franchise. A spaceflight action game. Take up the role of Lance Casey as the Terrans fight a new enemy, the insectoid race Nephilim. The game focuses mainly on arcade dogfighting action with lots of enemies. This was one of the last games to feature full motion video cutscenes in between missions. As is typical, you start in a weak kind of craft with weak kind of weapons and improve them as you prove you rack up the combat kills and victories in missions.

It was one of the very last of the classic 90's space combat sims, and the cut scenes are more prominent now than ever before. It follows the story of Lance Casey and his tour of duty on the Midway. Commodore Blair is here to watch the ship's shake-down run and pass the torch to the next generation of hot shot Ace pilots. Things take a dramatic turn for the worse when an ancient Kilrah Prophecy beings to manifest itself. In the Prophecy it tells of the end times and the coming of the Nephilim.

This new alien race builds a gate to move it's impossible vast forces impossibly vast distances so they can invade and conquer this section of the galaxy. It's up to Lance and the crew of the Midway to blow the gate up and anybody who gets in his way before to much of the alien force arrives and overwhelms all possible resistance.

Secret Ops

Welcome to the Midway
Looking for Trouble

Secret Ops was a downloadable saga taken from the internet. After the events of the game, Casey was now on a strike cruiser called the Cerberus and out to clean up remnants of the alien threat that mysterously had penetrated into the inner core of Confed space.

Eight episodes were made and made available for free downloading each week. They also gave a slight bit of story of the characters and the back story during the week. A better performance in the mission could affect the back story because you were awarded passwords after the mission was over. After the final episode it was bundled into the Gold edition.

In the end the threat was disabled, and it seemed a strike on the aliens in their own space was necessary.

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