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The Winger is a pistol for the Scout, which first appeared in Team Fortress 2 after the Uber Update released. It replaces the default pistol, offering 15% more damage per round at the cost of only five rounds per magazine. The limited capacity means that it is much more useful to accurate players than those who find themselves emptying the Pistol at an enemy at anywhere other than close range. The Winger's appearance is radically different to the standard pistol, with the radioactive symbols on the grips and gold wings making it appear very differently.
The Winger is part of an item set called "The #1 Fan", alongside the Soda Popper, Atomizer, and Bonk Boy. The #1 Fan provides no effect when all the items are teamed together. The Winger is not overwhelmingly common due to the small magazine size. The increased damage per shot can be offset by having more shots on target with the normal pistol. Since the reload time is identical between the two this has no impact. The Winger can be crafted, at the cost of a Reclaimed Metal and a Shortstop, randomly found during gameplay, or it can be bought for $2.49 from the Mann Co. Store.

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