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Wings of Glory is a World War I themed combat flight simulator developed by Origin Systems and published by Electronic Arts in January 1995. Set in 1916, the dawn of the first World War, rookie pilots are being trained in use of the aeroplane, responding to Germany's use of these machines in a time where the aeroplane was still a fairly new invention. Stationed in a small airfield in the town of Thetford, England, a small group of pilots have been transferred from the allied countries to form a squadron to fight against the German forces.


Taking down a German fighter in a Sopwith Pup.

In the main campaign, players begin as a rookie pilot, having just transferred to England from the United States. Players can have conversations with other pilots, their Commanding Officer, and mechanics among others. They can also check the kill board for their entire squadron and see the medals they have earned throughout the campaign. After hearing the next mission's objectives from the Commanding Officer, players must take off, reach waypoints and complete the objectives (these include taking down enemy aircraft and bombing various targets, among others), then return home to land. Players start with a Sopwith Pup and throughout the campaign they move onto other aircraft, including the RAF S.E.5, Sopwith Camel, SPAD S.XIII, and even a captured German Fokker Dr. I. There is no radar (it's 1916), so players must keep an eye out for enemy aircraft at all times.

A Zeppelin-Staaken R.VI in the object viewer.

As well as the campaign, there is a "Gauntlet Mode" where players face wave after wave of enemy aircraft. The object of Gauntlet Mode is to last as long as possible.

The game also features a mission editor where players can create custom scenarios, and an object viewer where players can view all models in the game (aircraft and ground vehicles) in detail.

System Requirements

Operating SystemDOS 4.0 to 6.22
Media TypeCD-ROM
Minimum Drive Speed2X
Video ModesVGA
Sound DevicesAdlib, General MIDI, Sound Blaster
Input DevicesJoystick (Analogue), Keyboard, Mouse, Thrustmaster (FCS and/or WCS)

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