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 Protecting The American People!
 Protecting The American People!
Before becoming the great assassin villain named, Winter Soldier, this soldier's real name was James Buchanan Barnes or Bucky Barnes (for short). As a soldier in the United States Army, he was somewhat smaller than his fellow soldiers. Hearing about the great exploits of Captain America, Bucky longed to be like Cap, or work with him as his partner. Ironically he was the best friend of fellow soldier, Steve Rogers (who was already Captain America). When Steve was going on a secret mission, Bucky was wondering what Steve was doing and wanted to tag along. In Steve's tent, Bucky found out that Steve Rogers and Captain America were one of the same! Understanding that he couldn't tell anyone of what he had found out, Steve gave Bucky extra hard training and soon James was ready to become the partner of Captain America! The fantastic Bucky! 
Throughout War World 2, Captain America and Bucky made an unbeatable team! They frequently joined fellow heroes, the Invaders. A team that consisted of, Namor, Whizzer, Miss America, Union Jack, and others. Though Cap and Bucky saw them many times, Cap and Bucky remained a secret identity until near the end of the war. As seen in comics, Bucky originally hated Wolverine who was working with Cap before Bucky became who he is, but soon they became close friends. 
At the end, Captain America and Bucky wanted to do one more heroic deed then retire. Take down Barron Zemo! Jumping onto the bomb that Zemo set up, Captain America lost his grip and fell into the cold depths of the Arctic Ocean. Bucky stayed and tried to disable the nuke, and succeeded. However in doing so he made the timer go to zero so that the nuke could blow up in the air, and not on the millions of soldiers that were fighting the Nazi. As Cap got a 60 years to sleep, Bucky died trying to save the people that loved Bucky and Captain America  

Winter Soldier

Bucky as the Winter Soldier
Bucky as the Winter Soldier
While on a mission with Captain America, Bucky tries to defuse a bomb aboard a plane which explodes and is presumed to be killed in action.  However, Russian scientists find his body and revive the young soldier.  In the explosion, Bucky lost an arm and suffered from amnesia, but the Russians attached a bionic arm and programmed him to become an assassin, known as the Winter Soldier.  Winter Soldier is used to assassinate targets who are deemed enemies of the state and, in between missions, is kept in a state of hyper sleep.

Becoming Captain America

After the events of Marvel's Civil War comic book event, Captain America was killed by his longtime enemy the Red Skull who brainwashed S.H.I.E.L.D agent Sharon Carter into shooting Captain America as he was being escorted into a courthouse.  After a length of time without a Captain America, Marvel put Cap's old side kick Bucky Barnes in the role of Captain America.  Bucky was asked by Tony Stark (Iron Man) to assume the role of Captain America to fulfill Steve Roger's last wishes to keep the symbol of Captain America alive and to also make sure that his one time side kick Bucky Barnes was safe and stayed out of trouble.  Bucky wields Captain America's original shield with some additional tools in his super hero arsenal, including a pistol which began a small controversy as to whether or not Captain America should wield a gun.

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