Ads in the loading screen

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Has anyone noticed this? Last night i started up Wipe Out HD for a quick race and i got a prompt saying a update was required. After installing the update i now have ads playing during the loading screen (before each race). The current one is for the latest Rocky on Blu-ray. At first i was kind of laughing about it, but now i think its just really stupid! I mean i can see how advertisement can lower the cost of a game or even promote another game in the same franchise. But this game has been out for a while, and was perfectly fine... Still Sony feels the need to inform me about Rocky on Blu-Ray, which feels out of context in a game about futuristic racing. I really wonder what Sony's motives are to put these ads in! 
It must be a new thing, because i've been playing WipeOut HD for some time, but never noticed these ads.
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They took the ads out because they were noticeably increasing load times, now they say they've fixed it (but if they let ads play all the way through, I doubt it).
It is complete bullshit, and it makes me pissed at them.  If I buy a game I should not be forced to sit through ads, and I will avoid games that have such.
What motivates such actions?  Greed, and stupidity.

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I agree in that you should always have a choice to buy a game, wether or not it has ads. The really stupid part about all this is that they added the ads later, so you can't choose. These ads are just forced on you...
#4 Posted by abdo (1095 posts) -
@Bouke: Funny. I've had the game for a while and have never seen any ads in the loading screens. But maybe it's because I have the disc version? Not sure...
#5 Posted by Bouke (1400 posts) -
I haven't played the game in the last 6 months, maybe they took the ads out? I don't think there would be a difference between the disc based and downloadable version of the game. I mena they could patch the disc game to add the ads, but like i said maybe they took the ads out again. I still think its weird!
#6 Posted by Emiel (585 posts) -

Never seen it. I have the PSN version

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