Introducing WipEout Wednesdays!

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#51 Posted by MetalGearSunny (7465 posts) -
@Redbullet685 said:
Has this weeks started yet?
#52 Edited by HarlequinRiot (1092 posts) -

I want to play but I can't figure this game out. I've played about two hours since I picked it up for Welcome Back and I just don't seem to be getting better. I love F-Zero and its pace, but I don't get Wipeout. The speed seems to present itself as slower than it is and the cars feel really heavy. Any tips?  
If I can play tonight, I'll add you. (Will being new to the game put me at a disadvantage at all with unlocks?)

#53 Posted by MetalGearSunny (7465 posts) -

We've started if you're not already joining us!

#54 Posted by MetalGearSunny (7465 posts) -

Not WipEout tonight, guys. I'm busy tonight. But don't worry, it'll be back next week.

#55 Posted by shadows_kill (3093 posts) -

I'm down for it!  

#56 Posted by MetalGearSunny (7465 posts) -

It's Wednesday, which means tonight I'll be hosting a WipEout HD game night once again!

#57 Posted by MetalGearSunny (7465 posts) -
@The_Drizzle@Tebbit@shadows_kill: We're playin' now! 
#58 Posted by The_Drizzle (755 posts) -
@Metal_Gear_Sunny said:
@The_Drizzle@Tebbit@shadows_kill: We're playin' now! 
Sorry for the late arrival i completely forgot it was Wednesday already!
#59 Posted by MetalGearSunny (7465 posts) -

Hi. It's Wednesday. Come play if you want.

#60 Posted by X19 (2370 posts) -
Is this still alive?
#61 Posted by MetalGearSunny (7465 posts) -
@X19 said:
@Metal_Gear_Sunny: Is this still alive?
I wish it was. No one really shows up anymore.
#62 Posted by JJWeatherman (14801 posts) -

@Metal_Gear_Sunny said:

@X19 said:
@Metal_Gear_Sunny: Is this still alive?
I wish it was. No one really shows up anymore.


Send me a PS3 and I'd be all over that.

#63 Posted by X19 (2370 posts) -
@Metal_Gear_Sunny said:
@X19 said:
@Metal_Gear_Sunny: Is this still alive?
I wish it was. No one really shows up anymore.
From reading through this thread it seems a lot of people can't do that time change it.
Also put a link to HellfireWZ in the OP who will help new players learn the tracks and get better at the game. 
I have put a link to this thread in my TNT Archive so maybe more people will see it.
#64 Posted by X19 (2370 posts) -

Anyway even if game night is dead and you want to get better at WipeoutHD watch this.

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