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Harvest Moon DS

In Harvest Moon DS and DS Cute, the Witch Princess considers the Harvest Goddess her arch-nemesis. She gets fed up with the Goddess saying "Ta-daaa" whenever she appears, and thus curses her by turning her into stone. It is possible for the player to marry the Witch, but in order to do so, the player must show extreme neglect for his animals and personal well-being. 
Her hut is just outside Ramona's Villa.

Island of Happiness

The player can meet the Witch Princess once the bridge to the forest has been completed. Just as in Harvest Moon DS, she and the Harvest Goddess are rivals, but the most that ever comes out of it is bickering between the two ladies. Again, it is possible for a male character to marry her, but this time there are no special requirements in order to do so.

Animal March (a.k.a. Animal Parade)

Officially known simply as "Witch", she lives in Fugue Forest, and is first encountered by the player in frog form after being polymorphed by the Wizard. She can be returned to her normal form when the player works on the Green Bell quest. She is quite easy to befriend, and if a male player should decide to marry her, he will learn her true name.

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